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  1. This is a fantastic idea, I found myself here looking for the source code 'cause I thought I might be able to implement it myself (is there source-code somewhere for DS2Key?) but it'd be oh so much better if sypherce could put it in the actual program. What you suggest is a great starting point, but what if there was functionality where the pc server could upload a picture to the ds showing a user-customzied button display - and what if you uploaded another image along with that which defines a 'clickable' area for each button, ie black could represent somewhere you can't click, blue could be button1, red for button2, etc - a whole custom interface. This would just be so awesome for almost anything on PC - ie playing an fps game with a mouse/keyboard etc but selecting weapons/spells/etc from little pictures on your DS, or perhaps just a custom media-centre remote control - not to mention just making extra gamepad buttons. I'm sure anyone who can use mspaint could set this up. Of course it'd be a whole 'nother story programming it. What dya think?
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