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  1. 60 Hertz Jig

    M3 Simply

    I have gotten it working with my M3 Simply without any problems!
  2. There is a set of buttons already 4rows by 3 columns (not shown currently though) that react depending on your configuration . They don't send gamepad buttons, but I could look into it, it shouldn't be too hard to change. Also I'll see about making the positions configurable. Oh, cool. Are those the button0-button11 in the config files? I think I remember seeing those somewhere.. If it's not too hard to change, I think it would make a great addition to the program.
  3. When the mouse mode is enabled, it sends X,Y coordinates to the host computer wherever it's being touched. This got me thinking, what if there was another mode where buttons are displayed on the screen that could simulate extra buttons? For example, on an n64 controller, there's the 4 C buttons that cannot really be controlled at the moment. If there was four buttons displayed on the touch screen, you could press the button as if a real button had been pressed. Let's say an area from 0,0 to 85,96 represents button 'C', and whenever that area is pressed, button 12 [set in the config file] is sent to the computer. The user could reconfigure the PPJoy program to read more buttons, and the possibiliies could be endless. I'm not quite sure how difficult that would be to program, but it would be incredibly awesome. I've included a mock-up photo of the touch screen to show what I'm talking about. Even if you disregard this entirely, thanks for taking the time to read it!
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