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  1. edit fbaxxx.ini which is in the ini folder and change ncurrentvideomode to 1 (480p) or 2 (720p) thx. but i got an little problem. in the ini folder from the file i downloaded is empty. fba create the ini when first time started? when yes please somebody post it, stands on my second home. and there i got no computer. or is there a programm what can edit ini/txt direct on the box?
  2. Hi, i need some help with fbaxxx pro 1.28. I got only an VGA CRT monitor an any YUV->VGA converter. The vga monitor can only use an progressive signal. How can i set fbaxxx to 480p or 720p? I set the options in dashboard to 480p/720p an 16:9 widescreen, but when i start fba i got an "signal out of range" on my monitor. I think i have to change some options in the fba menues, but i got no screen. Can somebody please say me what key on joypad i must press to change the resolution to 480p/720p, with an fresh installed fbaxxx? (like start, down, down, a button....)
  3. I set dashboard to 480p and 720p (my monitor cant use 1080i). The differten between 480p and 720p ist scanlines or no scanlines (640x480 on 21crt have massive scanlinenes Anybody knows the the name from the patcher?
  4. I got an yuv cable with vga convertor and got some question now 1) fceultra v16: I set it to 720p, but everytime when i restart the emu it set the option back to 480p (in options stand 480i, but its worng, because i can see the screen^^). Is it possbile to fix this. 2) Is it possbible to set FBAXXX Pro (1.26) to 480p or 720p? With the vga box i cant use 480i on my crt. I tried with yuv on plasma from friend and i find no option there. 3) What is the best version from Mame (when possible with 720p)? 4) DVDs with Media Center in 720p looking very good, but i dont like the fast forward (it stutters and is to slow, bad for porns^^). so it is possible to play dvds with the normal ms dvd player (the on with original remote controll) in 720p? ps: sorry for bad english
  5. Got a question. How is it possible to set the emu to 480p or 720p? My monitor work only in progressiv mode
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