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  1. alright no problem Haldrie. Thanks for trying though! And anyway I can still live without the game save! its only wonder mail codes! who cares!
  2. Hey Haldrie u had any luck with the file yet? thanks.
  3. well what i meant was that this was my first time posting images on a forum Alright il post more when i get time but yeah if u feel that theres anything inappropriate then feel free to remove it! Thanks.
  4. alright thanks for the info! Here goes...hope this works -- 3rd picture edited out by moderator -- Yes!! It works!! Trust me this is just the beginning!! theres more where this came from!!
  5. yes i totally agree wid Elazul Yagami! he pointed out some important points that a muslim needs to remember! But i guess crap happens... lets just move on now...cos thel definetly be another 'dictator' like him...e.g. Tony Blair & George W. Bush
  6. Nice thread!! How bout I post some of my things? but can someone tell me what the restrictions are? like how much skin can they show? porn or no porn? and if they cover the racks with hands is that alloowed?
  7. I have 2 resolutions... These have been the same for the past ummm couple of years! 1: Dump that nagging goldigging biatch... 2: smoking I think im finally getting somewhere with the first one!!
  8. Alright thanks a lot Haldrie!! Ive e-mailed it to this account: haldrie@aim.com Once Again Thank you! EDIT Sorry bout that Haldrie! Ive attached it now.
  9. Alrite Haldrie thanks for that. But I think my games are saved states! sO that means that nothing can be done about that rite? and say that I was to start the game over yeah, how would i do it? like can you give me a step-by-step? When I unzip the MD:RRT rom it gives me a folder WITH the IPS patch and when it is not unzipped then the IPS is not active. So with this what would be the best way for me to start? Thanks.
  10. aww come on! wtf is dis? english classess? since wen does gramma mater on a forum? Since WE said so. If you're not going to put any effort in proper spelling, we're not going to put any effort in helping you nor listening to anything you have to say. If you can't deal with that, leave. alright mate, sorry bout that. Now what do you want me do? Rewrite da whole post or just correct it?
  11. looks like im the third person to vote for smoking pot? yh i smoke it, i guess its just the age rite now. although i smoke it, i give advice to evry1 dat dnt do it cos teust, once u start u cant stop! im trying to quit but its too hard. ive been smoking since the age of 8 and at the age of 14 i smoked weed. im 17 now (gna be 18 in a month) and dont smoke cigrettes nemore! just weed! but im hoping to stop but its way too hard now man! da one things for sure is dat i havnt got long left to live! oh well...
  12. aww come on! wtf is dis? english classess? since wen does gramma mater on a forum?
  13. Hey. Can someone please help me? I dont really understand any of the things have been posted here as I dont know much about these kind of things! Sorry about thid but I guess its just not my type of thing! I will tell you what I have done so far and maybe you can figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you. I'm playing Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. I started the game Without the IPS patch (I managed to figure what that was). I use the Visual Boy advance 1.8.0 Beta 3. What I'm trying to do is get the game to save officially (as in when the game asks you to saves) and not when I save it through VBA. The reason I am trying to do this is so that I can enter the wonder mail codes at the begining of the game. What I have done so far: I tried the VBA-OVER file (put in tha same directory as VBA), and yeah i guess thats just about it! lol. Well I have experimented with other things (I dont know what they were) like the 128 Save thingy, but that never worked aswell. Is it possible to start saving the game 'officially' without me having to delete my current game? Cos i have gone really far in this game and can really not be bothered starting all over again! As in ive got mmost of the legendrys (3 Birds, 3Dogs, Oh-Ho, Lugia, Mew, Latios-as, Kyogre and Grouden) And trust me it wasnt easy man! So can someone please help me out with this please? If theres anything that you want to know about what ive done or something just ask yeah. Thanks.
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