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  1. metalstormds

    DS2Key 0.5

    Love it xD I switch the dead buttons in the middle to left/right because in default I found the a bit far away. Works great
  2. metalstormds

    New to this

    LOl well to sum ir up you need a way to run homebrew on your DS. My Favorite is G6 LIte http://www.modchipman.com/happy-g6-lite-pa...ion-p-1080.html You then need his DS2key Program http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...post&id=370 Put that .nds on your Flashcart and run it then run DS2Key.exe on your comp at the same time. On the DS SIde Connect yo AP using your Wifi connection and select DS2Key in the menu. Edit your IP to yours(find iur by run ipconfig in your Command Prompt) And your good to go Just found out about this ds2key myself but love playing my SNEs Emulator with my DS Lite. ANd he is also working on a new version where the touchscreen will be able to be used as button input Which means you can play some games via the touchscreen soon!!
  3. Awesome Awesome news just made my week finding this program... Cant wait for the new release. I got a question tho will i be able slide the stylus atound to hit different buttons( Say if there DIrectional) without having to pick it up first?Either way this is gonna be sweet. Cheers
  4. metalstormds

    DS2Key Idea

    Hey new to the forums but been lurking around. Love this program. One idea I really hope you can add as an option or somebody can edit in thorugh the source code is to put the directional button input on the touchscreen so you dont have to use the D Pad. I was thinking instead of just buttons that might be difficult to plat with make it like this http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k146/met...ndo-ds-lite.jpg Im playing Nights into Dreams on my emulator and would LOVE to play this via the touch screen!!! Im hoping maybe I can learn enough code to edit in myself but so far not happening anytime soon. Peace Edit"Lol looks like some1 thought of this before me Theres lots of games im sure some of us would wish to play via touchscreen
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