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  1. Game Name=CONKER BFD Comments=Playable! (use Jabo's D3D7 1.40) Alternate Title=Conker's Bad Fur Day (U) i get bad gfx and sometimes the game stucks.i checked the surreal ini.The above lines mention.Comments=Playable! (use Jabo's D3D7 1.40).how do i enable or use this so called Jabo's D3D7 1.40.plz help
  2. which hex editor did u use coz,winhex does not show the values u wrote in the default.xbe of kawak-x and plz try to explain step by step.thankx
  3. it,s not that of a problem we thought it was only a few adjustments in the kawak -x default.xbe and renaming the svc rom after 1945 Plus predecrypted.well i,m close to get it workin as soon as i do i,ll post a tutorial. and shame on u sagatt on holdin it out on all of us
  4. hi,any luck on the freezing problem in svc in arcade & versus mode.if so plz post a reply.thankx
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