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  1. I'm not sure I understand. You erased all WFC settings in a commercial game and added back an AP in that game, then loaded a program using the wifi lib? How can you "not reset" between the time you add a new AP and the time you load a wifilib program? i do a soft reset after i add a new AP in the game. then i load wifi_test. it works. After that a hard reset is needed. After that, wifilib doesn't work anymore.
  2. I erased all WFC settings and then added a new AP. After this, any program using wifilib works(beup, wifi test,...), but after another reset, it doesn't work anymore until i erase all WFC settings again.
  3. Are you able to connect with DSOrganize? i'm afraid i'm not able to get DSOrganize to work with my G6 card.
  4. I have the same problem using M3 minsd on DS clasic, the strange thing is that I was able to connect but only a few times... this is not a router problem because my original mariokart can connect without problems to my router. I was trying to use beup but the problem happens, after adding another accesspoint to WFC, beup ran with no problems but after reset the same problem happens and adding more accesspoints did not help. After that, I tried deleting the WFC data in firmware (using MarioKart orginal) then I tried beup and it works again.. but after two resets the problem happens again.. since that I cant connect to my router. I've got the same problem with the two examples in wifilib, so I think it is a bug in the lib. I was trying to do some debug and I found that in someway the lib doesn't initializate correctly... for example: when I call Wifi_GetData(WIFIGETDATA_NUMWFCAPS,...) returns the correct number of APs in WFC but Wifi_GetNumAP() returns zero and thats why the lib keeps in searching state... I will try to do more research and post it if i found something same problem here using G6 Lite on DS lite.
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