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  1. I just reflashed my DS Lite with FlashMe V7, and wifi now works! It is somewhat annoying that the wifi lib does not work properly with the stock DS Lite firmware, but at least it can be noted as an issue. I still wonder why it worked for DSOrganize and nothing else. FYI, I got flashme v7 from: http://forums.maxconsole.net/showthread.php?t=28470 If you have an EZ-Flash 4 Lite, you do not need to use the EZ Client software to transfer the flashme file, but you have to rename the flashme.nds to flashme.bin.
  2. I have a problem connecting with dswifilib. I downloaded version 0.3a and tried the wifi_lib_test app, but it will not connect to the access point. It stops at ASSOCSATUS_SEARCHING. I tried using WFC settings and manually. Wardriving will not see any access points either, even though I know there are a few in radio range. Packet capture does not capture anything. The wifi_example program cannot connect, either. I have tried other homebrew too. DSMail does not work, but strangely DSOrganize can connect. I'm not sure what the difference is, since it uses dswifilib as well. Official games can connect and use wifi without a problem. I am using a DS Lite (in the US, if there are different regions) with a EZ Flash 4 Lite. I have tried compiling my own copy of dswifilib and testing apps. The wifi_example app does not work (will not connect; same as provided binary), and the wifi_lib_test app will not compile (missing ascii_bin.h). Any thoughts?
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