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  1. Okay, for all of you who had problems with running Kof2003 on NeoGeo Ragex here's a link that will make you're life MUCH easier: -Link removed. Read board rules.- Note this to yourself: filemirrors.com is your friend so...DON'T BE DAMN LAZY!! Wait a minute I 'm the lazy one here meh forget it.
  2. No problem, I just wish someone will get kof2003 working on Nebula (I want to complete my set), So I guess we'll have to wait. Though I still like Kawaks over the Nebula in my opinion.
  3. Hey all I'm new here so come and get the rom+Kawaks, and trust me, it works www.interacesso.pt/~karsh/www.emuportugal.net/kof2003b-kawaks.rar The password: www.emuportugal.net It's GAME TIME!!
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