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  1. I found ABC very buggy, some download froze whithout reason and became uncompletable and a friend got blue screens with it. I stick to the official client: BitTorrent. It's the best one and gets updated before others. The only drawback is that you have one window per download (not a list). But it's not a real problem since you don't download 50 files at once. I downloaded Shareaza but didn't tried it. My girlfriend did and said she found the GUI is strange. So she still use BitTorrent for torrents...
  2. I'm a rightie but my girlfriend is leftie ands beats me at nearly every fighting game at the arcade; is there a link???
  3. The famous Model 3 emulator hasn't been released to the public, maybe it's even fake. Maybe you'll be able to run the Dreamcast version of Virtua Fighter 3TB on your PC sooner than the Model 3 version. For Virtua Fighter 4; when the Dreamcast will be correctly emulated it will be a major step towards Naomi emulation. But even then, VF4 being a Naomi 2 title, you'll need serious CPU horsepower to emulate this at full speed! (2 PowerVR 2 and an Hitachi SH-4 at 200Mhz being able to compute four 32bits instructions at once, wow!)
  4. Here's what I have to say about the browsers I've tried so far: Personally, I'm using Mozilla right now. I used Netscape Communicator for years (let say since '94) which was good and has always been faster than MSIE. In those days Netscape was the standard and MSIE was a really poor browser until version 4.00. The fact MSIE became bundled with Windows 95 OSR2 instantly made it the most used browser even if it wasn't the best. Then Netscape launched their Gecko engine. I didn't liked it at first but now, I love it! When Netscape stopped to update their browser (latest is 7.2 based on Mozilla 1.4 if I recall correctly), I logically went for Mozilla. I also like Firefox which is the most cuting-edge browser. The only advantages Mozilla got over this one is being fully integrated (like Communicator). It features mail support, an address book, an IRC client and an optional calendar. But it's sure that if I only needed a browser, I would take Firefox! (I really like the little Google search box integrated to the toolbar but the Mozilla's modern theme is better looking). Anyway, those two browsers are really faster than Internet Explorer and have thetwo features you can't live without once you tried them: the tabbed browsing and the integrated popup blocking. Add to this that Netscape/Mozilla exists for Windows, Linux and Macintoch. The only disadvantage is there are some sites created for internet explorer only (those websites don't follow W3C guidelines and have incorrect HTML code). But it's only a minority of pages. Opera is fast but got serious troubles with webpage formatting some times. Konqueror; I really don't like it (but I neither like the whole KDE). On Linux, I rather use Mozilla. Arachne (DOS browser). Slow, outdated, forget most plugins... But it was a nice try and I used it for some time, but again, even if I don't like windows, there was Netscape (which was much better) for Windows 3.1 as an alternative. That's my though, and only my though.
  5. Razoola made some modifications to the Zintrick ROM ripped from the CD version. Here are the changes: - The NeoGeo spinning logo shows before attract mode starts. - Does not lockup when a 2nd player tried to join a game. - Has coin counters added into the bottom of the screen. - Has the level indicator included if enabled through soft dips. - Has the standard AND 8x8 bios font where it should be. - Has more sound effects though its still not accurate. He also says that Neo-Geo CD to Neo-Geo MVS ROMS conversions are easy to do. Dare I'll expect a Samurai Shodown RPG conversion on MVS translated in english? Let's dream! You can download this ROM here! (click on "Voulez vous en savoir plus?" just below the "Conversion NeoGeo CD en rom" news. Then on "Telecharger la convertion Zintrick par Razoola" in the middle of the page.)
  6. Does a good game system makes it selling good or does the advertising do?
  7. Don't remember exactly... It was either a NES game, Bomb Jack on an early version of MAME or Puzzle Bobble (slow and without sound) with NeoRAGE.
  8. Er... There's a big difference; load times!
  9. For me it's (in chronological order): - Terminator 2 - Daytona USA - The House of the Dead 2 - The House of the Dead 3 (but I play with my girlfriend so it doubles the coin drops).
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