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  1. AMD vs Intel comes down to Price. In Which AMD Wins for me. Yes, Intel has the better item, but at 4x the price, is it REALLY worth it to you?? Also, AMD just released this program that shuts out all other unnecessary processes from running while youre in a game, i havent tried it yet but ive heard its good.


    ATI vs Nvidia is personal Preference, id never but an ATI card, not cuz theyre bad, but because im more comfortable with Nvidia and they constantly release updates and even have the 30 day step up program.


    Crossfire is to Ati basically what SLi is to Nvidia, a way to use more then one video card at a time.


    And RAM 2GB is more then enough if youre gonna run a 32Bit OS. On a high end PC running on XP 32bit and 4GB, your RAM should drop to about 3.2 due to the Video card.


    And for the dual vs Quad, i say set yourself up with a mobo that supports both now, get a dual, then get a quad later. Saves money

  2. Dude a computer that godly x.x, I want one D:!


    So I take it it's not going to happen with that price range? :(

    Lol Lets take a Gander




    Skulltrail Mobo - $629.99




    EVGA Nvidia GTX 280 - $499.99 x 3




    Intel Core 2 Extreme 3.2GHz Quad Core - $1549.99 x 2




    Corsair Dominator 2GB DDR3 2133 - $519.99 x 4


    Subtotal = $7,310


    WITHOUT: Tax, Shipping, Case, Cooling system, Power Supply


    This MIGHT be able to run Crysis Maxed out lol

  3. If you want a Computer that can run Crysis on Max then get the Intel Dual LGA Skulltrail Mobo, 3 Nvidia 280s with Tri-SLI, 2 Intel Core 2 Extremes, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and Liquid Cooling. You should be Set to go.




    My computer is a Budget computer and can Run Gears of war Maxed out completely, and has completely run thru any other game ive thrown at it at Max settings as well and it was under $1000, if youre willing to add another $1000 then i guarantee you should be set for 3-4 more years. I Believe this computer i have now should be good for about 2 more years, but my Mobo supports AM2+ for Quad core and i can just upgrade my Video card at any time.


    Sadly enough my Mobo is built for Crossfire so i cant SLi =[


    But in that case i COULD just buy 2 ATI 4870s and use Crossfire


    If i Replaced this mobo, i would upgrade to support both DDR3 and DDR2 and go for Intel


    I built this PC; i have the ability to upgrade at any time in the near/far future.

    And at this point i bought items at budget prices because the gaming industry is moving too fast, the 9800 came and went VERY QUICKLY, what was once a $600 card went down to a $200 card, imagine if i wouldve spent all that money and it gets outdated.


    So you cant beat the odds that way, you gotta build Budget at first, then slowly upgrade with the times.

  4. Newegg will be PERFECT!


    Heres some Links you'll find usefull




    AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.6GHZ $173.99




    640GB HDD SATA - $80.00




    8800GT GDDR3 512MB - $144.99


    I always say Go AMD, but if you can afford it, Go for Intel




    Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16GHz 6MB L2 Cache


    You dont really need quad cores since for the most part, youre gonna have 2 extra cores for nothing.


    SO heres another well priced CPU




    AMD Athelon 64 X2 6000+ - $92.99




    PNY 9600GT GDDR3 512mb - $94.99



    I went a bit expensive for the RAM but its great




    2 x 2GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 - $109.99


    Those are some of the Budget Parts i found and built my PC with.


    Building a PC is simple, you just have to know what you want out of it beforehand and make sure all your parts go together.


    If you need help il gladly lend a hand on AIM and im sure everyone else here would help too.

  5. And what exactly here is stupid aside from Cinders, Mooneys and your comments?


    This is a perfectly legit thread

    I fail to see how my comment was "stupid." This is a topic about remembering the events that occurred on 9/11/01, and I simply stated my opinion on the matter with the aid of a graphic. The fact that my opinion differs from yours does not make either one of us stupid. It was a "perfectly legit" response.

    If thats how you'd like to defend your pointless and insensitive Graphic then i cant really do much.

  6. And what exactly here is stupid aside from Cinders, Mooneys and your comments?


    This is a perfectly legit thread


    As are the other 6 to 7 threads about the same subject that each are made one year after the other that surprisingly all have practically the same post in each by the same people who have posted in them.


    I could of sworn there was some rule or something about not making multiple threads of the same subject or they'd be merged or something.

    Nah those other threads are actually Usually stupid ones like the Conspiracy theories and who's to blame for 9/11 ect. This is nothing like those.

  7. Well i was in school, and they had an announcement saying to close the windows. They hit in Manhattan but the fumes reached all the way to brooklyn with ease.


    A Few kids started crying because they had family that worked in manhattan.


    And there was No TV for about a week because the antennas were on that building and we didnt have cable lol


    That was in 6th grade.

  8. I know Wired is better, but im a gamer, and my batteries have run out and im FORCED to use my wired 360 controller. If it werent for the fact that im an avid GoW for PC gamer, i wouldnt even have this controller so i lucked out.


    Also, a set of Rechargeable batteries is expensive anywayz and they usually only come with four batteries and the charger for like $30+


    A 16 pack of rechargeable batteries can buy you a new GAME!


    Another standpoint as to the 360 costing way more in the long run.

  9. It's a great deal either way. The price now is very competitive against the Wii so let see what Nintendo has to respond to this, something tells me Nintendo doesn't care but it would be nice to see a price drop the sooner the better.

    Nintendo wont have to do jack! MS is just trying to pick up the super cheap leftovers. Its still a witch hunt to get a wii, (at least over here in FL) and and normal gaming stores are packed with 360's.

    Im not sure if MS is trying to reach a certain quota and this is thier last resort or they just thought this will be a nice "ear-candy" for those who want the super-cool 360 for a much cheaper price.

    All-in-all.... Nintendo coulda read this announcement in a newspaper and then threw it out after breakfast without a second thought about MS.

    And u think Nin will go cheaper than 250!?!?!?!??! Come on....

    you think they cant? I Think 250 is already expensive for that Peice of crap system, but even i'd buy it if it dropped down in price so i can play Brawl, Mario kart and my Gamecube classics.

  10. Aside from PC gamers, who would BUY a Wired 360 controller when the charge and play kit does the same thing and is cheaper??

    Cheap people who want more controllers regardless. Which there are an abundence of. If you already own a wireless controller, grab the kit, if you want another controller, grab the wired controller unless you wanna burn some cash on a Wireless and a kit. Or just outright buy the wireless controller and supply your own rechargables (Best idea here, works for me, LSD and millions of other users. Even the ones who still own walkmans.)


    39.99 + 17.99 Wireless Controller + Kit vs 29.99 Wired Controller. Guess which one is cheaper?

    Last i checked, that controller is discontinued, and even when it wasnt, it was 40 bucks. I got mine on ebay for 20 shipped but once again, not everyone can buy from ebay, i had to get a friend to buy it for me.


    Also, what happens when those batteries run out? You cant play while its charging and lets say you forgot to charge the second set of batteries, you cant play. The charge and play kit is very much worth that money if you ask me.

  11. but it can go up to 400 which is the cheapest PS3 out right now. ALso, those normal rechargable batteries dont let you play while it charges. The PS3 Controller can go weeks and months without needing to have been charged and keep going. the Xbox 360 controller goes like 1 week and u gotta buy new ones.

    I am using 4 Sony Lithium Batteries, 2 for backups and 2 for controllers. I only need to change the battery once a month, of course i didn't play long hours but a minimum of 4 hrs a day. PS3 controllers last for months without charging? That is exaggrating.


    Ive Definitly gone way more then a few months without charging my PS3 controllers, and i play often.


    Still comes out more expensive then a PS3 when you buy everything afterwards. MS knows what they are doing

    What bothers me about your comment (and the ones after) is that it sounds like you are upset about this in some way?


    It doesn't come out more expensive than the PS3. And I'm sure MS does know what they're doing. In fact, they are trying to gain the Wii's market share.


    You can always buy wired controllers if you want to drop down the cost or use rechargeable batteries for the controllers. As for the HD, you can easily get a 20GB HD for $40-$60 on eBay with shipping. I doubt most people need more than that. The only other thing may be a wireless network adapter, which can also be purchased for around $50-$70. At the same time, you can always use a wired connection or a cheap LinkSys gaming wireless router (costs around $20-$40). So in the end, it's still cheaper than the PS3, by at least $70-$100.


    Aside from PC gamers, who would BUY a Wired 360 controller when the charge and play kit does the same thing and is cheaper?? And yes people do need more then 20GB(Which drops down to 14GB if im not mistakin) and ive found myself constantly deleting my demos to make space for things like Map Packs and the newer XBLA games that are out(Like castle Crashers) would have me doing the same thing, i might invest in the 120GB. Not to Mention that not everyone can buy off of ebay like myself. And even with ebay, you can find a PS3 for under 300 bucks. Then you can go on and add that either Monthly or Yearly payment of Live and it still comes out more expensive.


    And im not upset at all, but i got my 360 for a very cheap price and im happy with it, but now i find myself having to spend even more money on it, money i dont really have so to speak, on things like the charge n play kit and the wireless adapter; Things that shouldve came with the system.

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