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  1. HEy can some of you guys reccomend some games for mame?
  2. Ok i did that but how do i change the seperate buttons?
  3. Its mame32u901....i figured it out except that i'm wondering if its possible to play the games with a keyboard or do i have to get a joystick.
  4. i almost got it but it says unable to open Keyboard device
  5. I would first make sure that your mugen.cfg file in your data folder is not set to "read-only". Right click on it and go to properties and make sure the "read-only" option is not checked. Other than that, just make sure that when you change settings in mugen that you save them in the options menu. Hope this helps. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thanks that helped
  6. i can't figure out how to work roms in MAMe.....can someone please send me a tutorial or tell me how to do it?
  7. one more question....my confuguration in winmugen won't save....any idea why?
  8. Hey do Endings and intros work on Winmugen...i Haven't been able to get them to work....if there are specials ones for Winmugen please send me a link.
  9. ohh sorry i thought that was a happy face...here
  10. Desert Strike Jungle Strike Urban Strike Streets of Rage 1,2,3 Street fighter sonic 1-3 and sonic and knuckles.. err....thats all i can remember....for now
  11. When i try to download The Patch...it says NOT FOUND.....If some one could please send it to me by E-mail i'll be very gratefull ...my E-mail is clockworkalone@aim.com
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