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  1. that game isnt emulated in mame yet and if it was you would need one serious rig to run it.just plat the dreamcast version on an emulator,seeing as cvs is running on the naomi board and a dreamcast is more or less a naomi board(just slightly less ram)you will be god to go.


    I'll try that,but DC ISO's take me like an hour to download,and I have no idea how to run them.

    It's easy. Download nullDC, configure it selecting the correct driver and mount the game file on Daemon Tools.

  2. The truth is that Gryph has quit 1Emulation and has instead decided to join EmuTalk and become a soon to be staff member there (under a different username). I am not at all surprised. 1Emulation seems to be dying after all, so he decided to hop on the wagon that is still moving.


    Can't blame him I guess ....


    EmuTalk is more dead than 1Emulation... :P

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