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Status Updates posted by emsley

  1. Na na na na na na an BATMAN!!

  2. What's this all ABOOT

    1. Fatal Rose

      Fatal Rose

      Ask Ian Le Creme

  3. Just had unprotected sex with a junkie hooker. Fully sober on my part, and it was a thought out decision.

  4. Do the monkey.

    1. LoRd_SnOw


      That's alright.

  5. since my kid arrived... My brain has re wired its self. im becoming sensible. Its a rip off.

  6. gonna have me some fun - get drunk on rum (mac predator)

    1. Jitway


      Aye Ye Matie a good bottle of rum ye says

  7. I wrote some poetry in this piece and im pretty upset about losing it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. emsley


      Just kidding buddy haha :P

    3. Superman


      Roses are red

      voilets are blue

      the site is back

      and so are you

    4. Alpha


      voilets? lol

  8. Post more, post faster.

  9. Cool guys dont look at explosions.

    1. Robert


      They cause them!

  10. I'm a SEXY SEXIST

    1. Bambi


      The sexiest of all sexy sexists!

  11. I'm a SEXY SEXIST

  12. BUT! Isn't Betty a woman's name!

  13. No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there is no limit.

    1. Bambi


      No no limit we reach for the sky, no mountain to big, no valley to wide...

  14. Is it rape if she agreed to sex but fell asleep on you but you carried on for an hour #blinddrunk

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    2. Shoma


      ba zing!

    3. Bambi


      depends if you got any in her hair

    4. ken_cinder


      If you didn't, then you're not doing it right...money shot FTW!

  15. I pee pee.

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    2. Bambi


      What would you need to drink to pee that?

    3. emsley


      I think you would get dead if you drank what you needed to piss napalm Bambi

    4. Bambi


      would be a hell of a fun show to see though!

  16. dont be gay, but more toothpaste today./

  17. dont be gay, but more toothpaste today./

  18. La la la -

    1. Krosigrim


      La la la la la la



    2. emsley


      do do do doooo!

  19. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  20. back from pub, twas shit so i called it a night - skint for a week and half now.. glory glory!

  21. Of "tu" pub.

  22. Ha! Threw that shit before I walked in the room!

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