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  1. I guess he was probably keeping abreast with the latest developments


    yes! and there gonna add characters from MAXIMUM IMPACT



    but damn!!! im gonna Miss Ralph! he kicks some serious ass, not to mention the best competition usually use Ralph i coudnt care about the other 2 because the deadliest Iraki solders were Hiedern and Ralph


    oh yes, i didnt see Chang or Choi on the current list either



    Who is Miss Ralph? Ralf? Or Ruff! :rolleyes:

    He miss ralf,not Miss.Ralf.lol

  2. mh_xbox2.jpg

    I just bought the game last night and before I post my opinion/review on it I would like to know what all you guys think about this game. Like it? Hate it? Or do you love this game and think it is one of the most incredible adventure games of all time? Anyway let me know what you think.

    Make Sure You really Kill Someone,lol.

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