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  1. thanks soyokaze, much appreciated. anyone having probs just follow that, works 100% fine, and im running the newest p1 here (all chars etc)..
  2. we've had that working since the day the rom was released tho and bar a different set you can use to get that system setup/checkerboard screen up, ive not got any further or heard of anyone getting any further.. might be another rage of the dragons deal :/ ie, been out ages but nobodies got it working on kawax yet... being honest ive given up hope somebodies got more patience and is still working on it though.. dont think simply replacing another romset is gonna work though.
  3. ive also been trying to get this working with little/no success.. ive made ones that do the setup screen type stuff that you cant get past (black w/ blue checkerboard type effect etc), usually with samurai shodown/garou replacements.. and ive made other replacements with stuff like kof98, which works in practice mode but locks up on dialogue screens in single/vs (shame cos everything else is 100% fine). also tried different p1 splits, 1 meg p1 5 meg p2, 3-3, 2-4 etc.. even using the original p1 renamed to p2.. usually just wont load at all. hazarding a guess id say getting those dialogue screens out or working is the key, but thats just a guess. even tried winhexing the kawax.xbe, no dice on that either. i'll have another try later on but atm i cant think of much else :/ the progess in above posts sounds promising as well, hope we get a working version soon cant stand playing fighting games on the pc. o btw, the util i used to cut up the p1 is called "X Cut".. same method as someone else was doing i think.
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