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Zinc Frontends

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Zinc Frontends

6 files

  1. ZincGUI

    ZincGUI is a front-end for the Zinc emulator.



  2. ZincFE

    Zinc FE is a front-end for the Zinc emulator.



  3. ZincConfig

    ZincConfig is a front-end utility for the Zinc emulator.
    From the readme file:
    This utility allows the practical and easy configuration of all playable zinc games's controls.
    All games with similar control types are automatically grouped together and the control types
    are arranged so that you can understand the real games physical button layout. Controls used by
    every game are grouped together in the general tab.
    Besides this, ZC (zinc config) can also be used as a simple front end. Games can be launched
    from the "launch" tab.
    Rudimentary config file managment (just launces the files in notepad) is also supported.
    There is also support to output dat file by calling zinc as well as configuring my generic
    command line wrapper automatically, based upon the settings you set within ZC.



  4. ZincCab

    ZincConfig is a front-end utility for the Zinc emulator.
    From the readme file:
    ZincCab is a utility to simple configure your controllers to get zinc work,
    which is not really easy, due manual finind VIK codes and such and have no
    GUI at all.
    ZincCab second function is act like a wrapper for other cabinet based
    frontend easier.



  5. Snapshots Pack for Zenith

    This is a snapshots pack to display all the Zinc games for the Zinc frontend, Zenith.



  6. Zenith

    Zenith is a frontend and Windows interface (GUI) for the Zinc emulator.
    Grab the Snapshots Pack for Zenith here.
    (from the Readme.txt file located in the zip archive...)
    1. Extract files from archive into ZiNc directory with overwrite
    "s11player.dll" file
    2. Place ROM file "pr1data.8k" in the root of your C:\ drive. This
    file contained in the current MAME sets for all of the System 11
    games (for example, Tekken). This file must not be in archive
    3. Execute ZeNith.exe
    NOTE: ZeNith distributive included the files of others developers:
    - ZiNc OpenGL and D3D renderers 1.2
    - P.E.Op.S. Software renderer 1.17
    - Winterblast's input plug-in 1.6
    - System 11 Player version 03/03/2006



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