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About me

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Hello, my name is Michael Carew, also known as nosound.97 on most of the forums and projects, nosound97 on Dolphin and some other websites and Little Mike on NGemu and Deviate (http://www.dv-8.me/). I'm 18 years old (at the moment I'm posting this entry), I'm from United Kingdom, Manchester City, studying moved me to United States of America. Currently I live in Minneapolis city, Minnesota. And, of course, I'm male :D


I was involved into emulation scene very long time ago, maybe sometime in 2005. I was actively following Project64 and Dolphin emulators development and I was enjoying my games a lot. Well, I still don't have any trouble running Project64, but Dolphin on the other hand... Dolphin went open source, first release made a LOT more games playable and enjoyable, even Wii games started to show signs of life. But sometime in December 2008, I had problem with Super Smash Bros. Brawl (wasn't working at that moment) and since that time nosound.97 was born! I wish I can get those times back :D


I advanced a lot in emulation, currently running EmuCraze emulation website. I'm also a member of Dolphin open source project (not main project, Dolphin INI/Cheats database (http://dolphin-cheats-database.googlecode.com/)), Dolphin and @ES (http://aruantec.xtemu.com/) beta tester and Super Moderator of Dolphin emulator forums. Hope to see you guys on this website more often, enjoy your life and my blog! :D


~Michael Carew,


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Welcome around, new face ;)Having followed emulation since zophar's days ('99), I slightly lost count of the years. Things sure advance swiftly enough with every year.

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Welcome Michael, be sure to post of your emulation progress... and anything else that might be interesting. :)

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