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RPG: From East to West CS - No stats edition.




Name: Zhi Hsien-Ku


Race/Nationality: Chinese


Gender: Female


Age: Early thirties


Height and Build: 5'9”, 55kg, well kept slender build that remains very (very) feminine.


Hair: Long black hair, down till the her backside.


Eyes: Green


Career and Skills: Hsien-Ku is trained medicine practitioner, minor Tao scholar and cook whom travels village to village, city to city, teaching the young and healing the sick for free if they were poor or if they are rich, money for lodging and food. She would not able to do this without her remarkable intellect, beautiful looks and natural charm.


Martial Style: Ba Xian Jian (Sword), Taijiquan/Taijijan-Chen Style (Unarmed/Sword), Northern Snake, Southern White Crane, Zui Quan/Jian (Drunken Fist/Sword style).


Weapons: A stolen, nameless jian, confined in an ivory sheath. The jian's characteristics aren't very distinctive nor has little to no unique features, other than a pink and red colored tassel hanging from the hilt and uncharacteristically heavier than an average sword. Many acupuncture needles for throwing, just in case.


Armour/Attire: While traveling, she wears a full length green robe to protect her colorful ruqun, which hides underneath. Her ruqun's skirt is shorter than normal to allow easier movements after discarding her robe. On occasion, she'll wear a white blouse and pants with matching jade-colored linings with a very specifically made top underneath to flatten her chest. Wears a straw hat for those long stretches of walking.


Equipment/Other: A bag containing; dried snacks, medical supplies; such as herbs, dried ingredients, acupuncture needles, incense and medical texts. A small jug that hangs from her rope containing well aged rice wine, which is strong in flavor. A bamboo ladle hangs from her bag as well.


Physical Description: Hsien-Ku is your traditional Chinese beauty that has the mature allure for a woman of her age. Her body is robust with both sides being perfectly symmetrical from top to bottom with a milky white complexion. Her hips and breasts are exceptionally well proportionate as well, making her very curvy. Her silky black hair reaching all the way down to her lower back when untied. Her body is assumed to be without blemish nor flaw. But the scars from fighting and self medicating remain all over her body, cleverly hidden away with secret medicines. Her hands and arms, coincidentally, aren't even scarred in the slightest. Her body is always kept in shape due to her traveling life style.


Mental Description: Her ability to keep a clear mind, steady hand and nigh unbreakable nerves is a direct result as working as a nurse and a doctor to treating patients. She is very slow to anger and keeps a constant smile nearly all the time, even when angered, annoyed and in the face of danger. Combined with her iron nerves, leaving those around her unable to read her mood and body language. Although, should one sees a slight twitch in her brow, it usually signals she is royally pissed, that not even the gods would interfere in her wrath to dish out punishment. Her vagabond life style has lead to developing her into someone carefree and humble. Even if she consumes large quantities of alcohol. When she is drunk, she tends to tease in an overtly playful manner, more so towards other women younger than her. Teasing them to no end until she forgets, or passes out or when the younger women pass out.


She solemnly swears her loyalty to her friends, the people and the emperor and not to the governors and bureaucrats. Treats the sick, poor and rich all a like.


History: Born some thirty odd years ago in a village near a monastery just passed the northern mountains to a famous traveling doctor and his wife Lan (also his aid). They both decided to settle in the village to raise her and start a small clinic. She, in time, also became an aid to her father's practice, along with doing menial work such as cooking and cleaning. Soon after, Lan gave birth to another child, Zian. Her younger brother. She went on to become her father's aid while her mother raised Zian. As soon as Zian could walk, her parents began to rain them both in Taiji in both Quan and Jian combat. Using bamboo poles as substitutes for chinese straight swords. Through this, her parents learned of her natural affinity towards the jian, even though it was just a cut up pole.


Her father's practice soon became popular due to his stance on clients. If they were poor, a diagnosis and medicine we're free, if the client was rich, he would charge them or the alternative of training or teaching Zhi. Most would refuse to train Zhi and instead teach her about the arts, literature and Taoism. Until one day an injured man agreed to train Zhi in Ba Xian Jian, the sword style of the Eight Immortals. He trained her for one year until he left the village. The following year after, he had returned again, this time with more serious injuries. Once again, in exchange for lodging and medical assistance, he trained her in another style, the south's white crane. A style originally developed by a young woman in Fujian Province. Staying one year to train her until leaving again with the wisdom that it would be up to her to find her style. That would be the last time she would ever see him. During this time, she would read all the texts and manuscripts her father had written on medicine in an effort to lessen the work load with two practicing doctors instead of a doctor and two nurses.


As she got older, she blossomed into a beautiful young maiden, however she did not like the attention it gathered. Potential suitors especially, always annoying her with proposals when all she wants is to help the sick. One aristocrat suitor made the mistake of getting her drunk, instead of being completely submissive and inhibited, she beat him up when she caught onto his plan. The next day, without a headache or care in the world, she treated his injuries, overcharged him and got reprimanded by her parents for beating him up and not charging more. The incident didn't stop the proposals, much to her annoyance. Due to this, she took a vow never to marry and dedicate her life to people, and so should it happen, the emperor as well.


When she turned twenty, her mother took her to a secluded area and taught her the Northern Snake style. Following the trend of her previous mentor, trained her for a year and then stopped. It was this moment she decided she would require to leave her quaint little village to become stronger in body, mind and soul.


With her brother practicing medicine and martial arts, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents as a traveling doctor helping the sick and teach the young. On the day of her leave, her mother gave her a jian that she supposedly stole when she was her age before meeting her father. On her journeys she questioned her self of what she was doing. While resting, she met a man who told her a story about the Immortal Woman He. After telling it, she felt reassured that this was her path. He left the young woman a bamboo ladle and a jug of rice wine. To which, after taking a sip, she felt enlightened, or buzzed, she couldn't tell the difference really. All she knew at this point is the jug probably bottomless and that she set forth looking forward to new adventures ahead.


She occasionally passes by her home village from time to time since she began her journey leaving gifts to her family, since she left, she gained 2 sisters and 1 brother.


She is commonly known as the “Wandering Medicine Woman” and “The Medicine Man's Daughter”.



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