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>> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)01:04 No.5448044


How about something a little different.


That morning, we had all awoken and continued on our day as always, or at least we wanted to, but many local governments had begun to repair bridges, subways, and all in all, made a nuisance of themselves. Those of us that managed to make into the city couldn't have expected what came from the sky that day. Like some interplanetary artillery strike, the sky was black from the falling spaceships. It's shards were are large as the biggest warships we could field at sea, and they were considered marvels of engineering.


Everyone's instinct to run kicked in, and all those drills they had on how to evacuate the buildings kicked into place. Avoid chandeliers and other hanging objects, don't run, pick a destination away from the cities, and head there.


When the noise finally calmed down, many headed to the central park of town. It would allow us to be airlifted out, and make it easier to drop food for those that remained. What we didn't expect was to make our First, and our Second, contact that day.


Those that arrived first noticed it immediately. The metal spheres were not upturned sewer pipes, or any man-made, but they were obviously made by someone. I was the first to run toward the strange object, and I noticed that it was rather cool, for something that must have fallen at a million miles per second. As I removed what I would later learn to be the hatch, several other people, 2 firemen and a police officer, jumped up with me and helped me move it out of the way.


We witnessed several beings, in our first remnant. They were orange and chitinous, and our human instinct to attack insects would've kicked in if we hadn't noticed that they were obviously wearing clothes and in distress. We entered the pod, and one of them started to make a clicking noise with their thorax. We didn't know what it meant, but it gave us the heeby-jeebis. But our instinct to help others, and simple human curiosity, made us unlock them from their seats and pull them out. I noticed one of them was pierced and was losing internal fluids. I cut off my own shirt, and used it as a bandage to plug the hole. Little did I know how important that action was to the fate of humanity. We pulled them out on stretchers, and did our best to keep them warm and awake, or so we hoped. At this time, numerous civilians had appeared. But instead of panicking, they seem to have “accepted” what was happening, and moved on elsewhere.


That's when our Second Contact was made. A few other officers noticed what we pulled out of the first pod, and went over to look in the other one. They emerged with two, large saurian creatures. They moved them near our own injured, as we thought that they were probably all on the same ship and tried to escape. Little did we know how wrong we were.


One of the Saurians awoke, and noticing that he was in an alien world, surrounded by aliens, whom he believed were about to cook him, decided to fight his way out. It took three men to even hold him down, and five more to finally tackle him and restrain him. And that's when one of our chitinous guest awoke as well. And when he noticed the other unconscious Saurian, he went bat-shit insane. He rushed at the dozing lizard, and fortunately for him, several riot police with shields took to defending the sleeping target. They managed to subdue, though the image on an insane insect attempting to gnaw their face off will never leave them.


It didn't long afterwards to notice that they had two different uniforms on, and that they were not on good speaking terms. But the recorders on their pods never stopped taping, which was being broadcast out to the rest of the galaxy. Here was a species that was willing to help others, even those that weren't in an alliance with them. Our first action wasn't to kill, to control, to commandeer like we had dreamed, but to help those in need, even if there was absolutely no reason to do so. And the image of me removing my shirt to stop the Chitinous one's bleeding was broadcast everywhere.


We are the most numerous race in the galaxy, not because we are the most cunning, the best planners, or the one with all the guns. No, every race in the galaxy can hand us our butts. But we are everywhere because we can help. We can choose who we trust, even if they aren't from the same side of the galaxy. We can help, and we'll offer to everyone.


And so ends my stupid writing.



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