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Aliens vs Dinosaurs vs Dracula vs Zombies



The players have to choose from five different stereotypes:


- The bully

- The nerd

- The hot chick

- The not-interesting chick

- The funny black guy


Whoever picks the funny black guy dies first, because it fits with the horror genre.


The ridiculus plots:


- Dracula raises a bunch of zombies and takes over the tallest tower in the city.


- A giant fissure opens in the middle of the city, releasing dinosaurs into the streets

- Aliens attacking the city.


- Dracula eventually taming a T-Rex to use as a mount.


- Gun toting pirates come out of the sea to plunder the city of it's riches in the coming turmoil after being chased to the shore.


- Seeing a moment of weakness, the super computer A.I. to the city decides to take its chances for a machine uprising and readies its army of super cyborgs and robots.


- The vikings continue to chase the pirates and steal what they've stolen.


- From the land of the rising sun, a secret sect of top scientists and military leaders and politicians put together a army of super covert ninja commandos to make sure the chaos that is to come does not wake the giant radioactive monsters that were imprisoned below the city.


- Aliens are also allied with long lost remnants of Nazi SS divisions. Who secretly retreated to the moon using Nazi Super Science to build a unstoppable Nazi Alien army and are now planning a full scale blitzkrieg of the world.


- Dracula captures an alien and drains it of it's blood, making Dracula a SPACE VAMPIRE. This does nothing except replace his current wardrobe with an identical wardrobe, only silvery and shiny. Suddenly, sexy female aliens arrive to help, only for nearly all of them to be hypnotized into becoming his harem. Leaving only one to help the survivors.


- The aliens turn the statue of liberty into a mecha that GIVES BIRTH to a fully mobile and operational Lincoln Memorial Lincoln-mech.


- The aliens hit the dinosaurs with an evolution rays to turn them into DINOMEN. Whom are identical to dinosaurs except they don't have tails, stand straighter, have huge over sized heads that give them tremendous powers of telekinesis. They will succumb to huge depression and attempt to summon a meteor to destroy the earth.


- Space Dracula makes his way towards Vatican city to attempt to drain the pope himself, giving him immunity to all forms of attack. Making him the final boss.


- At the end, cue Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" while the credits roll. Or should we play it on table top, as we have pizza.


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