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Best viewed from the first person...



Anonymous 04/24/09(Fri)02:43 No.20752417




All in first person for the best viewing experience.


Your closest friends die of illness, leaving you the last to die, alone. You live on, but are alone in an abandoned wreck for 50 years, slowly going insane from the creeping solitude, you hang onto your sanity through humor and overcompensation through your personality. By the end, your are a frail husk of the man you used to be, you trigger into panic easily, your jokes still come unconciously, and generally the effects of insanity from solitude remain with you. This is only above god-tier because of its impossible length.


Your childhood is spent being hated by everyone you know with few exceptions. You dont know your parents, your 'family' hates you and leaves you to do menial work. As soon as you are accepted by a group, they are shot and burned before you. The giant you just befriended is frozen to death before your eyes. Your mother who you finally get to meet is left on the island to die as well You spend the next 20 years being betrayed by everyone you meet, and your life is considered void. This is god tier by normal standards.


>> Anonymous 04/24/09(Fri)02:44 No.20752439



Your mother is shot before your eyes, spend your entire life since 7 being supposedly hated by your town. Even if you were to find good people in the world, you must betray them, steal from them, all for a false promise.


Surrogate father/mentor is sent to prison/death, shot by your own inventions and he takes the fall for you. The invention you helped construct is what takes him to his death. Your closest friend is unable to forgive your actions.


Would be near god tier, but is relatively young, story doesnt last too long. Shunned by family, called monster by the town, sentenced the one man you cared for to death by poison.


GARGARGAR your savior ate his leg in order to keep you alive.


Closest friend with which you shared a precious childhood dream dies in tragic accident, just after revealing her innermost feelings to you.


A man you consider your hero could easily have escaped without a scratch, but sacrifices his arm in order to save you, and you promise to meet once again.


Sacrifices your life in order to protect your people, living with scum for years, only to cumulate in your attendant being blown up (or so you thought) your closest guard being asploded (or so you thought) your closest friend being the mortal enemy of your father (really a misunderstanding) all because of a man nobody could possibly believe is evil (until the reveal).


Father is a pirate, mother dies from illness, you feel inadequate and must compensate through false bravado.


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