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Summer Slaughter Tour



For those who don't already know about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Summer_Slaughter_Tour


Whitechapel = *

Psycroptic = **

Aborted = *

Born of Osiris = *

Despised Icon = *

The Faceless = *

Cryptopsy = ****

Vader = *****

Kataklysm = *****

The Black Dahlia Murder = N/A


The first six bands, all of which were deathcore or a variation thereof, sucked mad ass. Not only did their music fail to entertain or excite anyone but the emo/deathcore scene kids, but the bands themselves failed at looking metal. Only two people out of all six bands had enough hair to headbang, and most of the other band members wore either white shirts or Abercrombie crap with flip-flops.


Finally, Cryptopsy came on and the fun began. As the band was warming up for a song, the vocalist split the room in two, effectively clearing the floor, which led to one of the largest and most brutal Wall of Deaths I have ever seen, which in turn became a huge circle pit. During Vader, I headbanged till my neck hurt, then lept into the pit for some good ol' fashioned moshing. The only disappointing thing was that there were too many deathcore/emo faggots in the crowd, so Vader didn't get the kind of response the other bands did. By the time Kataklysm came on, I was sore all over, but I couldn't help but headbang faster and mosh harder. The level of energy in the room was unbelievable. Definitely the best show I've ever seen. Highlight of Kataklysm's set: the vocalist brought his terrified 5 or 6 year old son on stage for the crowd to scream and shout at. My friends and I left before The Black Dahlia Murder came on to go get some food, but we didn't meet any band members like we did after seeing Children of Bodom. :afro:


It also turned out that they were filming this show for the Summer Slaughter 2008 DVD, which is scheduled to be released on August 19th next summer. I might be in it, so everyone needs to buy it.


All in all, I'd say the concert was worth the ticket price, but it would've been just as good, if not better, wihtout the first 6 bands. Luckily, Kataklysm will be coming back with Dying Fetus, so I'll get to witness their raw power without any deathcore crap. Can't flocking wait.

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