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The NYC Trip - Day 2B




Day 2 B (Sat. June 21st)


Going up now because of TF2 playing mostly;


So it's around noon, and some flash showers happened. Which sucked (good for my hair though) because most of us were waiting outside. Bastards let us on the boat, then kicked us off the boat after it stopped raining. Now this lasted about an 45 minutes before they let us all onto the boat. We get up on the 2nd floor and begin just talking between the four of us, joined by my uncle Rick (the father of both cousins my sister and myself talked too while in the van, also a very good guitar tech & collector). I was told the greatest story about the Beatles by him when the Beatles snubbed the First Lady of the Phillipines way back when and they left all of their equipment. This story is sticking with me and just only a few other close friends of mine. It's a great story, but I won't leak it. Honestly, this story left me in speechless after he told it. If you want to know it, gotta be one of ma niggas, or mag. The blackest chink alive.


Continuing on, we were chillin at the table for a good while, we pretty much expected we'd be eating around right now, boy we're we wrong. We had to scavenge for food. We found party mix and pretty much monopilized that crap all to our selves. It was also around this time I met my cousin Queen (I'll call her that, since well, I can't think of anything else to call her), by far one of the smartest people I've ever met but sadly she tends to be dumb as a rock at times. Affectionally called our table "the cool" table for reasons I cannot fantom. We carried on, got some drinks (sodas mostly), then got called down for mass after we set to tour around the island of Manhattan (Pics up on my facebook, posting em later). That lasted about an hour. We went back up and, grabbed our food and ate. Hooked up with my cousin Elton John (long story bout his name, not gonna bother to type it here, we call him by something else, using Elton John because it seems funny in my head) and talked about hockey (!!!). Turns out he spent 4 years in Buffalo for school and followed the Sabers there during his stay. Talked about how good the team used to be and how they aren't up to par as they once was back then (and back then, we mean 10 years ago, the 98-99 and 1999-2000 seasons). I did not know Buffalo is the only city not to win a major sports championship in the city's history. After eating, we celebrated my cousin (E.J.'s sister) 16th birthday. I believe I still have a copy of the phamphlet, she's really nice looking, one of the vegas girls remarked she would probably be a decent to great model because she's so tall and has a good frame (her words, not mine). After that, E.J. decided to abuse the open bar on the first floor of the boat. He snuck us some drinks to us (they carded, about 3-4 of us were under 21, me being 20, VGirls being 18 & 19 respectively and another dude being 20). So we abused that pretty well up until 5 PM, boat docked, we exited. Waited, then began my tour of NYC with my other cousins. With about 4 of us still decked out in formal wear minus suits (my self, sister + tampa cousins we're still dressed up, tampa chicky had a good idea though, she wore a pair of short shorts under her dress, smart. It's not like I was going to attempted to get a peak :afro:). Experiencing NYC first hand with a couple of our local cousins was awesome. Although being one of the only guys in the group meant I got vetoed pretty often ( D: D: ) 3 counts for Nintendo Store < everyone else D: D: We roamed Time Square, though didn't buy anything first day because practically everyone had no money except for my cousin from Japan (who has yet go back to Japan, I believe she's still in TX, still gotta get her pics). Afterwards, we hit up Chinatown for some great sweets (CHEAP AND VERY GOOD SWEETS) then hit up Little Italy to eat (literally, across the street from CT).


Found a good place, and some funny stories/talks happened with Queen (dumb as hell sometimes, these times were good). I was willing to put in 10 bucks, but the "elders" (she said "WE ARE THE ELDERS OF THE TABLE" which was followed by blank stares from myself (20), tampa chicky (19), cousin from CU (21) and everyone else younger then the 3 eldest girls at the table) said I didn't have too. There was about 12 of us, and I got one end of the table and pulled a Jesus pose for the camera. Finally we did some more roaming, time passed us by REALLY fast, we didn't even know it was 9 PM. We wanted to check Central Park with me as a body guard (NO IDEA, QUEEN THINKS I LOOK LIKE BRUCE LEE) but pretty much said no because it was late. Also when CU cousin was on the phone, Queen went a little crazy and just talked in the background behind her. Considering there was only 2 guys (me + tampa cousin) and everyone else being girls, random background chatter included "Business is slow!" and "We're waiting at the corner". She then walks up to me and tells everyone in the group that I'm the pimp. More laughter ensures and thus being are walk back to the parked car. Passing by the Chinese Ice Cream Store (otherly known as Counterfit Ice Cream by me, which keeps getting laughs every time I say it). Hopped in the car, dropped off CU cousin at a subway then took the route southern (?) route of the Geo Wash bridge towards Rockland, NY. 45 minutes of driving and listening to random drabble and how Queen hates birds.


My day in NYC has ended for that day. For Sunday, unknown plans await.



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