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The NYC Trip - Day 1+Day 2a




Alright. Hopefully I can squeeze this 4 day escapade in just 2-3 blog posts. Fucking POS word filter.


Alright, Day 1;


Day one is nothing really. From 8 PM Thursday night to just about 4 AM Friday morning I killed it playing some FreeF2 (TF2 Free weekend just started, my regret in not getting freebies! But totally worth missing out on!), then played some ST with MagoMachine for a bit to kill some time after packin my crap (which I did in about an hour). After that, ate some breakfast and left the house at around 7:30-8:00 AM and headed to the boarder. American B.P. sucks hardcore, through as crap and we got stuck for a whole frikin hour there when we expected to be in and out in less then 20 mins. Anyways, our drive continued and at about 12 PM we are already in NY state just waiting for our exit (Exit 14 I believe).


some more drabble, got lost for a bit, then go to the community center.


There we chilled out the rest of the day arriving at around 2 PM at the community center. Eating, being laid back. We (meaning my sister and I) didn't really talk to anyone there other then the occasional aunty or uncle coming by to say hello. We left at around 5 PM back towards my aunt's house for the after reunion party. Also the scene of where most of the "kids" (all those between 18 to 24, a.k.a. the next generation) broke out the alcohol and started to drink. This is where I came in and joined the festivities of shot glasses and mixed drinks. We drank ourselves silly, even got some of our aunties into the mix, who got drunk realtively quick from just 2-3 shots of Grey Goose. Now, what I had was some old school mixes, such as Pepsi+Grey Goose and rum+pepsi. Not counting the amounts of Grey Goose I drank straight up because I was crazy (Which apparently, a trait my whole extended family of 2nd and 3rd cousins also share), also Grey Goose is flocking great vodka to drink, way better then any other type of vodka I've ever had, I was chugging that like it was water. Now mind you, as I previously said and told some people, I have never experienced a hangover, ever. Now all my cousins know as well, as I was fine and dandy when I woke up the next morning, but that's a different post (or section). One thing I remember most vividly was when a few Vegas girls were taking Red Bull+Vodka shots. Just to make it simple, I'll call her Allie, she accidentally spilled a few on her jeans, which made it look like, well you know. Laughter ensured and many pictures were taken, though I have yet to see them (which reminds me to look up all my cousins on facebook, I forgot to take down emails of mostly everyone, which I regret). She high tailed it to get changed quickly while covering the area in which she spilled some of the drink on. It was good times :afro: We drank some more, posed some more, drank some more then posed some more. I'm waiting on the pictures, granted I'm most likely not in any of them due to the fact I'm was always doing something while the posing action was happening or hidden in the background. Also, fun fact: They didn't ask my name until WAY later in the evening. Good fucking times :punk:




Time really flew by fast that night, kinda late already decided to sleep it off. My family got the worst place, we slept in the friking RV because they ran out of room IN THE HOUSE. Not very comfortable place to sleep in. Especially the next day I woke up sore as hell.


Day 2a;


So yeah, woke up EXTRA early on Saturday, like 7. I woke up moved around and left the RV to hopefully grab some food, to which I did, it consisted of a slice of bread and a cup of coffee. At the table, I managed to talk to one of the other Vegas girls. To whom I found great interest it as several of the adults in the kitchen were talking about how my aunts we're trying to hook up my dad at the time to find a girl into marry into the extended family (so to speak, so every cousin I met would of only been 1st and 2nd cousins, as oppose to how it is now, all 2nd and 3rd cousins). They got into suggesting I should marry into their family by grabbing one of the girls I met the previous evening, to which myself and the Vegas girl went "WTF!" on, which I mostly think because me and her we're the only ones under 30 in the whole kitchen. I didn't act on anything, I just found this Vegas girl pretty awesome since I got to know her better over the course of the stay. Lovely, I think I'm into my 3rd cousin (That also, is another completely different post/section), at least we aren't blood related, at all. The morning consisted of getting ready for a renewel of vows/party taking place in Manhattan. Since it was pretty much me and Vegas girl just being bored in the kitchen, just talked a bit about NYC, since we both never really had a tour bout the city. I managed to score the bathroom after she used it to take a shower, I've been waiting to use it for a while because the whole house was using both bathrooms to shower. I just let her go first because well, she's a girl :/, ladies first and all. I'm pretty sure it's 10 AM now, thus we returned to our respective places to get changed. Two vans were used to transport everyone staying in the house that day (which was 17 people!). So thus, we began our trip to Manhattan, talking with 2 newly met cousins (did not see them yesterday because I was down stairs drinking), a 19 year old chicky from Tampa with her 16 y.o. brother. Honestly, Tampa girl is awesome, also, very short. The 45 minute trip from Rockland to Manhattan wasn't boring because all 4 of us (my sis included) talked about random crap, such as hockey (!!!), music, on how old our iPods were compared to theirs (1st gen mini and 4th gen phat iPod for my sister and myself compared to their a mini and shuffle).


Next part is for another time. Or post. Up to me or how much I'm bugged.



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