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Stuff For Sale




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I'm going to need some money, since I want to buy a DS Lite, a Wii, AND build myself a new PC. :naughty: So, I've decided to sell some of my personal belongings that I will no longer be needing! :roll1: If anyone is interested in buying something, I only accept payment thru Paypal. All prices are in U.S. Dollers (USD), and are not absolute. Make an offer!


EFA 256 Mbit GBA Flash Cart ~ $45 (Original Box, 2 cables)

PassMe 1.5 ~ $10

*My Current PC ~ $70 (See below for stats)

Assorted GBA Accessories (Link Cable, Magnifier, Headphone Adapter, Case, 3 Game Changer) ~ $5 - $10

Sony PSP 32MB Memory Stick PRO Duo ~ $15

Assorted PC Cables ~ $5

Assorted PS2 Games ~ $5 - $30

Assorted Classic GB Games ~ $5 - $10

Kingdom of Paradise (PSP) ~ $20

And More! (Which I do not feel like naming now...)


So if you are interested, PM me, and I'll decide if you deserve it! :roll1:


PC Stats: AMD Athlon 64 3200+, ATI Radeon 9800 PRO, 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC3200 DDR SDRAM, Maxtor 160GB 7200 RPM, nForce3 AC'97 Audio Codec Interface, Floppy Drive, 52x CD Drive, Windows XP Home sp1





*I will not actually exchange this for money until I have built my new PC. For now, I just want to see what I can get for it. I want a set price before I begin building, so I know my budget. After that, it's for sale



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