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Tips for Endless Gaming, by Kojiro




I present to you, a guide written by a friend. This was around when TBC came out and he power gamed for about 54 hours straight.




1)BAG SPACE. Make flockin bagspace. All toys, trinkets, useless pots, useless gear, pets, etc go in the bank. BAG. SPACE. I cannot stress this enough. The only things you should have are


-HP/Mana pots (1 stack ea)


-Food/Water (hybrid is better)


-Other necessities I can't think of


2) MAKE MULES. I have a mule I sent all my greens to in Ironforge to put up on the Auction House for mad money. I also have a mule for every tradeskill/herbalism/gems that I might want to keep. There's no AH in Outlands, and only one bank (and going there will interrupt your leveling).


3) READ THE flockING QUEST LOG. I can't stress that one more. NEARLY every quest tells you where the flock everything is. If in the case the quest log fails. USE http://wwww.thottbot.com/beta, it has maps and locations for most quests and mobs. IF that fails, ask someone, but when you do ask someone listen to what the flock they're saying. I've had 5 different people ask me 4 times in a row where to get the Metal/Wood for Waste Not Want Not. I'm going to be on vent pretty much any time, so feel free to ask me locations for stuff (so far I've mastered Hellfire and Zangarmarsh).


4) BE INTELLIGENT AND PLAY PROPERLY. Dying slows you down, sometimes it has to happen, but other times it can be avoided. If you can tell a quest isn't going to work out, go do something else while you wait for someone to possibly come help you. If you can feel yourself being slowed down, bolt somewhere else, there's easily 100 quests in each zone, always something to do. Never think you're done with a zone, there's nearly almost another quest hub you haven't been to.


5) SPEND MONEY. You're going to be making money like a DEMON. Spend money on pots, pots, pots, reagents, food, food, water, water. SPEND MONEY if it means that you level faster, don't be afraid. Water/Food from mages is great, but they're really annoyed with how much their asked. Draenic food/water is the bizzomb.


6) PLAY FAST. Thinking "gotta go gotta go haste quick swift lets go lets go" can sometimes work out for the better, you just have to know the limit. If you're idle for too long, your exp rate goes down.


Real Life


1) STRETCH. Whenever you have a bit of idle time on a flight or waiting for a spawn, stand up and move around. Touch your toes, flex your muscles, move your joints around. It'll help fight off the muscle atrophy you're bound to develop from playing 40 hours straight.


2) EAT WELL!. Being hungry sucks, you need food for energy. Fruits, juice and vegetables are good for energy boosts. Chips, pasta, rice are there because they're easy prepare and give you energy. Protein and fats are good to replace things that you're burning by being up for so many hours, but not in overly excessive amounts that'll make you groggy.


2b) BEWARE OF CAFFEINE. Caffeine flocks the crap out of you, it's good for energy temporarily, but then you crash and burn. If you think you can handle it, go ahead. I managed to go 40 hours without any.


3) If you are still gaming at 6 AM and don't want to fall asleep and you still want to play. Talk to someone on vent. Conversation with another person managed to keep me up from 5 AM-8 AM (most dangerous time to fall asleep when power gaming). Keep your mouth moving, they know that you're just trying to stay awake, talk about what you're doing, talk about anything. It'll keep you awake.


3b) BE COMFORTABLE. Sweaters, hoodies, tank tops, shorts, nudity, pillows, blankets, whatever floats your boat.


4) BEWARE SERVER RESTARTS. They make you want to lay down while the server restarts, some people can do it, others can't. Which brings me to my next point.


5) POWER NAPS!. A 26 minute power nap was enough to keep me going for a whole other day. During a power nap, to ensure that you're not going to fall asleep, put on loud and energetic music, your body will be tired enough to rest but you'll still be on the brink of conciousness so you can wake yourself up. If music fails, make someone your friend and tell them to SCREAM in vent to wake you up. (Feel free to ask me)



5b) If you really have to, go and sleep for 6-8 hours. Spahm's rule is that every time he gains a level, he goes to sleep.


6) BE HYGIENIC. Having a break for an hour to bio/shower/shave and clean yourself up will keep you (and those around you) happy to keep going. Brushing your teeth can provide a much needed energy boost early in the mornings.


7b) Talk to people in real life, tell them that you're still alive, tell them that you're having a gaming marathon with some friends.


7c) Play with people You don't have to be in the same group, but come on vent and socialize, it'll keep you entertained. BEWARE, Thelstrahm and Papagigi are okay to hang out with, but only in small doses.


7d) If you don't like people, Listen to music!, whatever makes you happy, it'll add to the experience and you won't mind the grind that much.


8 ) Don't think that you've fallen behind. I've seen a lot of people log on pissed that a couple people are a few levels higher than them, don't worry about it, everyone will be at the same point in a month or two. There will always be people at your level for you to do things with, because everyone is coming into Outlands at different times. Try not to think negatively, it'll just upset you.


9) The most important of all HAVE FUN. Very Happy :afro:


10) Masterbate I can't stress this enough it will relieve stress and might make someones day on vent should you foget to turn off your mic, but serisousy send me any food you want cooked and i'll mail it back


11.) PLAN - It's not good to be running across the map from one side to another over and over for quests, plan out your questing so that you can get 1-2 quests done in one area then move onto the next to complete the rest, and turn in times as well.


12) make sure you have at least an Ounce of weed so that you don't have to drive out to pick up some inbetween leveling if you start running low. You will also be saving more money by purchasing larger quantities.


13) Group with a Paladin for Crusader Aura and become the fastest moving mounted players on land.


14) Keep water containers and a variety of snack food at the computer. Getting up wastes time.


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Haha, love it, some of these I already live by, although I prefer a caffeine rush towards the end, when the crash does come and I sleep for a good 10 hours, I wake up ready for another 2-3 days ^_^.

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