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New Setting



YOU WANT AWESOME? Fine, here's an idea I just had.


Recall that in 1944, Hitler (being batshit crazy) believed that Erwin Rommel was involved in the attack on his life and ordered him killed. But picture that Rommel, when confronted at his home, refused either option- he overpowered the SS men, took his family, and drove off straight for the Allied lines. After giving himself up, he is aquitted of any crimes (based on testimony from troopers from North Africa attesting to his humanity in dealing with POWs and the war in general), he is taken in a la Wernher von Braun and added to the Allied war command as a "strategic advisor".


Fast-forward to 1995. After relations broke down in Korea, the former Allies have been at open war for thirty years- pitched battles rage on the Germany-Poland border, infantry stalk each other through the jungles of Cambodia and Burma, and fierce tank battles roll back and forth across the Middle East. And it is here we find the Old Corps- four old generals, their lifespans and vitality held in check at age 60 or so by Allied technology.


Rommel, driving a new Afrika Corps across Palestine and Jordan. Patton, still relearning the finer points of walking and living after that near-fatal jeep crash. Monty and his Desert Rats, hunting Soviet troops in the mountains of Pakistan. And MacArthur, leading a vicious infantry war across Iraq.


This is the Old Corps. And these are their stories.

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I don't think that would have happened, somehow.Rudolph Hess flew a plane to Scotland, to hand himself to the Allies. They arrested him, sent him to trial at Nuremberg, and was locked up for life - literally. So much for wanting to help end the war.

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