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Other stuff



Well, past Christmas, lets see...


* VBA-M now has x64 support and is mature enough for a public beta

* I might do more work on Rice Video, to add more post processing stuff

* I added a patch for GlideHQ to support HQ2xS and LQ2xS

* Wrote several Kega Fusion plugin filters that use the HQXXS algorithm

* Wrote a basic keygen template


Not to mention, I am writing a new application for use. Its aim is to be in pure C++. With objects, classes, whatever. Sorta like a testbed for some things I am working on. Namely a shader wrapping class and a BASS sound system object to make things easier to use in C++. Not that BASS needs it but meh, a class would be nice. It will include my binary resource code as implemented in gltest, which I released earlier in source form. Would be useful to crackers, keygenners, whatever. Also seen libv2 in DLL form, which is uber cool. Not to mention being modded for Vista, which is nice. Might make a player built around that too....


Who knows, I have too many ideas for things I wanna write. I would appreciate it if people could post useful things they want.




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