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She of the Storm #2



#2 – Fury of Her Wind.


As the days (and her age) passed and she went to school, she excelled in all her subjects, language, weather and physical training. But she didn't have a lot of friends, well not a lot of noble friends. Her friends were commoners who had gotten scholarships at her school. She had far more in common with them then with the high class snobby nobles. While being an excellent student, she wasn't exactly model. She was a trouble maker, someone who'd want to have fun...


“Arilia get back here!” One of her teachers call out as she runs down the halls holding an enchanted wand. Suddenly she crashes into Esravash!


“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” she scours after being knocked down on her behind.

Eisi o kolol saes caer eindral Arilia?”

“Seler`! Umm, maybe...” she says hiding the wand behind her back.

“Thank goodness you stopped her milady. She took an enchanted wand from one of the secondary classes.”

“It is not a problem.” she says taking Arilia's hand.

“I'll take her now to her wind spell training.”

“Yes milady.” the teacher says respectfully bowing.


They walk down the hallways towards the safety of the back field of the school.

“I'm sorry if I'm such a problem seler`.” she says frowning.

“Your never trouble. I love teaching you and training you. Your my seler` after all. Always remember, seler` first, heir of Lyrandar second ok?”

She nods at Esravash as they arrive at the back open green fields of the school.


At the end of the field was standing a woman and several guards. As they approached her the guards moved out of the way.


“We have a special guest today Arilia.” as they walk closer to her.

“She's the queen of Aundair.” as they reach her.

“Princess Kiri ir'Dylna...” as Arilia puts out her hand to greet the Princess.

“Arilia d`Lyrandar, or should I say Arilia Minyatur?”

“Either one is fine Princess Kiri.”

“Well isn't she mature and polite. Unlike other people.” she says chuckling a laugh and smiling.

“Did you just call me 'immature' Kiri?” Esravash says back at the Princess as she laughs.

“I believe you two should be showing off your skills.” She says at Esravash, obviously annoyed at the Princess' teasing.


Arilia and Esravash take their stances in the middle of the field, doing elegant movements similar to ancient arts as the wind breezes with the fragrance of the sweet trees. It's warmth engulfs the the whole school with the students and teachers a like become one with it's calm movements.


“Amazing. Simply amazing.” The Princess mutters, that itself, her voice is carried into the wind and is herd by the young Arilia, who opens her eyes and smiles at the lovely princess.


“Arilia, a small spring shower around us. Follow my movements” Lady Esravash tells the young half-elf as they both in sync move their bodies to the wind that blows, bringing forth a soft spring shower to pass by the area.


“She's doing this to spite me” The princess says as she lets out a grin aimed at Lady Esravash.


“Seler`, can we make it feel like 'Mestaes os jhyli' now?”

“Go ahead my elle seler`. Let's make it a summer to remember!”


Arilia changes her stance and the winds change with her. The spring rain disappears and she calls a fairly strong wind from the east as Esravash calls one from the west. Their winds collide in a thunderous fury canceling both out. The thunder frightens everyone on the school grounds. But the after effect is something very pleasant. Without breaking their concentration, both Arilia & Esravash's movements become in sync and the return of their calm and elegant dance returns with a perfect wind with the sun shining brightly and a very earthly aroma filled the air.


“Esravash, this child is certainly something.”

“Of course she is. She's my seler` after all.” she quips back.

The princess walks up to Arilia and puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Take care of Esravash. Since I am human, she'll outlive me by a long shot, so remember to make fun of her for me alright?” she says winking at the young half-elf as she nods her head.

“Hey, don't teach her bad things!”

“Aren't you already teaching her bad things?”

“Why you...!”


Just as they are about to get into a scuffle, one of her entourage whispers to something to her ear.


“I'm afraid we're going to have to settle this another time my dear friend. I hope to see you soon Arilia, maybe you can call me seler` too the next time we meet.” She says as both women hug each other and say their goodbyes.


“She's very nice. I hope to see her again seler`.”

“I hope you two have as much fun as when your with me.”


Chapter notes:

*”Eisi o kolol saes caer eindral”: “Are you giving them hell again ...?”

*“Mestaes os jhyli”: Summer of love

*elle seler`: lit. little sister.

*seler`: sister



Wizard blog: Every Wensday! Watch out for new new chapter ! D&D campaign is going well, it's kicked off it's first arc, Battle for Verge, the juicy bits are beginning, enough of the character development!

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__▐░::   ▄▅    ██▍            .:::░▍
_▐░::    ▀    █░ █            :::░▍
_▌░:: ::       █░::  █           :::░▓▍
▐▓░:: ::      ██████          :::░░▓▍
_▌▓░░::    █░::    █       .: :::░░▓▌
__▐▓▓░::::: :: █░::     █    .: :: ::::░▓▓▋
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