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She of the Storm #1



“Scholar. Rogue. Fearless daughter and sister. Fury of her Storm. This is the beginning of her lady's journey!”


Note: This contains the elven language! Elven translation notes at the bottom.


In a small village just a few miles out of Taer Valaestas. Is an elven woman, in the process of giving birth to her first and only child. Her husband, a human, hold's her hand tightly as the wives maids assist the woman into giving birth. Her long tenure of labor is over and she gives birth to a beautiful half-elven baby. She name's her child Arilia. After the woman's older sister who recently passed away. Coincidentally, she is born on the 12th of Zarantyr, right during the middle of a mild winter across Valenar on the same date of woman's sister was born.


Arilia, now 4 years old was playing out front with the other children until a woman with two guards are seen walking into the small village.


“Mama!” she cried out, running towards her elfish mother. “There's someone scary here!”

“Little one, my name is Esrasvash. I am by no means scary!”

Little Arilia buries her face in her mother's bosom.

“I'm sorry about losing Arilia.”

“But I'm right here” the little girl pops her head out.

“It seems you haven't told her yet Elanor Minyatur.”


Elanor leads Lady Esravash to her small hamlet of a home.


“What brings you to this little place like this milady.”

“No need for formalities Elanor. I'm inviting you back into the house. With your husband and child. Those or sharas don't know a thing about respect to our elders. Besides, we're moraes after all. It's my duty to have your back.”

“While I'm happy you still remember our promise but... Eiraes eir si mor Ai syl thys si aelaes.”

“Well what a better way to stick it to them then with your daughter as the next heir?”

“What are you saying?”

“There is no doubt, that child will gain the storm. And it will flourish into a great dragonmark that will be enough to succeed me in. If she is anything like Arilia, she'll make be a wonderful leader.”

“Like Arilia...”

“I need to know in a few days, I'm only here on business for the house. I would really love it if you came. I would also personally supervise her. I hope one day I can call her my moraes also.”


Lady Esravash leaves her home while running into her husband.


“Oh, mor baesia calysti Ai mi. The exact same since I saw you two leave that day. Shai byrn.” She says walking out the door.


“Was that?”

“She wants us to come back.”

“Will I get my job back after I seduced a beautiful elven woman to be my partner?”

“We'll see. We'll see...”


Suddenly the day had come. A beautiful spring afternoon, Lady Esravash and her entourage arrives. They were all prepared. With their baggage in hand. They boarded her carriage and headed back towards the capital of Velanar.


“Arilia, this is Lady Esravash. She's an old friend of mommy's.”

“It is nice to meet you Lady Esravash” saying as she bows in respect.

“You can call me 'seler`' instead” Esravash says with a friendly smile.


“The journey will last several days to Stormhome, but will manage. Best of the Windwrights guild is here to transport us.”


During the trip, the young Arilia has seen a very vast and beautiful world. The gorgeous sands of the Blade Desert, the lake of Cyre, the joyful view of Talenta Plains, the vast fields of Thrane and the lush forests of Aundair. After several days, they arrive at their destination, the island Stormhome.


They are given a home with a beautiful view that oversees the coast of Eldeen Bay. As they arrive and unpack their things, Lady Esravash arrives to tell them about her future education. Her automatic entry into one of Aundair's prestigious schools to hone her knowledge and to properly raise her as a diplomat as the heir to the House of Lyrandar. Without any notice from anyone, the young half-elf revealed that a Least Dragonmark of The Storm had already manifested itself on her lower back. Frightened and scared. Lady Esravash held her in her arms and calmed her down.


“You are now my heir. Have fun and be merry, for you'll be the greatest half-elf to ever head the House of Lyrandar. From now on, I'll be your seler`. You'll be very special to me! So let's have fun with your dargonmark ok?”


The young Arilia nodded her head and hugged Esravash.


“We'll have a lot of fun seler`!”


She says smiling to her new sister



Wizard Blog: Starting to write up an adventure on my D&D character in the world of Eberron. I'm hoping to cover her childhood up until just the start of my Eberron Campaign. Feedback welcome. Also here is some of the elven used.


*moraes: sisters

*or sharas: old bastards

*Eiraes eir si mor Ai Syl thys si aelaes: After all the crap I took from the elders.

*“Oh, mor baesia calysti Ai mi. ... Shai byrn.”: Oh, still very handsome I see. ... Bye now.

*seler`: another way of saying sister

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