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the pillows - "Ladybird Girl" "And Hello!" Single




So the pillows latest single release - "Ladybird Girl" together with "And Hello!".


Show casing their standard flare that they aren't old enough, infact they've aged quiet well, you can almost tell they haven't aged at all since their debut EP nearly 20 years ago! (It's a lie, they've aged enough so you can tell). Scores are pretty random, mostly based on how catchy they are to me.


1 Ladybird Girl


A short harpsicord intro and the drums kick in with some palm muted guitar. Slow build up until the chorus section. Simple chords have never sounded better (along with the loud/quiet/loud dynamic, as made famous by The Pixies). A standard sounding pillows tune that should cater to everyone's tastes. It's not too heavy, still very much loud and the LQL dynmaic works wonders. It's even got a catchy chorus too boot, and it's in english (This is love, is this love? and Ladybird Girl, Ladybird girl, my girl).




2 And Hello!


Straight forward pillows calm rock track (similar to various other release). You might find yourself aimlessly moving your feet to this song. It's catchy nature and simple melodies are it's strong points by far. Hell it's solo is just as good too. Nothing too complicated and fits the song well. I believe more people will like And Hello! more then the single itself.




Exciting for their next LP, and going by these, shouldn't be disappointing.



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