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In Rainbows - ALBUM REVIEW



Radiohead's latest release! No Introduction (sorta) and just a plain track run down! LIMITER VALVE RELEASED!

Let's get the katamari rolling then shall we?




115 STEP











#1 - 15 Steps - Laced with a clapping drum beat and samples of kids cheering comes the opening track to Radiohead's "In Rainbows." Proving that they can still be genre defying per release. Hearing the song just a year ago and listening to the final product brings out shades of blue for this track. Excellent tracking, noise everywhere, typical Radiohead flare with ambiant noise. Keeping it's "live" feel from last year, and the many, many, MANY live versions I've heard this song, hearing the final studio polished sound of this nearly brought tears to me eyes. This will certainly get you clapping.


#2 - Bodysnatchers - Layers of dirty guitars, dry drums and an audible voice comes a song that will bring back memories of the 12 years ago to some. Sounding like it was just ripped out from The Bends era. So they've brought back the guitars and the tone and how does it stack up? You can easily place this into The Bends it's not funny. If you were a fan of The Bends LP this will certainly be up your ally. Vocals were audible, but hard to tell what's he's saying, while on purpose and trying to retain it's feel from last year's mini tour. While still retaining in esscense, I do miss the blaring guitars that practically made Thom Yorke's voice nearly inaudible. - Note: Filled with noise, alot of it.


#3 - Nude - Nearly 10 years in the making. From the OK Computer era, played once in 2002 by request, and jammed upon during the Hail To The Thief tour. Radiohead afficinado will find this song to be "THE" song. As it is the most requested, most listened too and most loved (behind True Love Waits and Big Boots). What's in: New dub influnced bassline, reversed and forward played strings, wailing vocals and the calmness of both Ed & Jonny's solid notched guitar playing - What's out: The organ, the glockenspeil, the old bass, the keyboards, the distortion on the outro and Thom's guitar. The attraction: A slow lullby-like ballad that will make any crowd silent, standing, and wondering what just happened. The infedality of a relationship come to light in this song. This song was my limit, watery eyes hit me. Just hearing a final version of a song that you love so dearly finally get recorded hits you here. OK Computer fans should find this song the most appealing besides my next entry.


# 4 - Weird fishese/Arpeggi - Debuting 2 years ago with a full orchestra to great acclaim, comes the final rendition of something you could of sworn they've been working on since OK Computer. Arpeggi brings shades of DJ Shadow like-drumming and can be easily compared to OK Computer's album opener, Airbag. But that's where the similarities end. With the drum beat in place, we kick the bass in and the rythmic guitar playing 3 riffs over and over. Cue in Jonny's guitar, slowly building in pace with it's quietness. Yorke's fascination with oceans comes in lyrically, together with Ed's rythmic guitar section entering, with a melody of what sounds like a thousand arpeggios, Yorke's vocals shine and Ed's haunting wails all suddenly come to a halt with harp noises, a lowly guitar, and various strings, only to get kicked back up with the drum beat and a bassline towards the final section and the return of a thousand arpeggios, this time from more then just guitars, closes the song greatly.


# 5 - All I Need - The haunting noises, a trip-hop beat, drone like bass and soften piano playing over. Very reminiscent of the songs found on Amnesiac. Could this be the love song everyone was expecting from Radiohead? Well with a title like that and a chorus with "You are all I need, you are all I need." Yeah well, You probably guessed it. Hearing the song in it's final form and compairing it with all those times played live. It's come a long way. While practically the same, what's added are various horns, which cap the song greatly and the build up towards the end is espeically exciting. Is this Radiohead song actually, god forbid, happy? By all means, it's up to you. To me, it's about someone feeling lonely from being away from their loved one for a few months.


# 6 - Faust Arp - An acoustic number with a string section laid out by the mad mind of Jonny Greenwood. The shortest number on the album and in Radiohead's whole back catologue. This could possible be "Burn the Witch" ? Probably, but until I get my DISCBOX and read the lyrics. I won't understand a single thing Yorke says in this song, and this is my second time (thus far) listening to it. But hey, it's an interesting song to say the least. It flows greatly after All I Need and the next track. But this could of been perfectly laid out as a B-side should they ever consider a single's release.


# 7 - Reckoner - Alright, what the hell just happened here? What happened to roary vocals, grungey guitar, mad bass and drums? Wow what a long shot this song came out to be. But by all means, it isn't bad, just weird to me. Here we have, probably what I find the most radio-friendly song on the whole album. It's subtle song with various precussion instruments everywhere with strings and guitar. I don't know where or how to compare this to previous material. But wow, you'll wonder.


#8 - House of Cards - Slow Radiohead ballad again! But this is actually very interesting song, Ed practically fills this song with his noise, from his guitar no less and and slow, steady rythm makes you feel at peace. But behind all the calm rythms lies the sinister lyrics, about constant denial. "Changes from the live setting" you ask, dear reader. Well for one, there's more ambiant noise. Live I always thought this was a weak number. It never could really grab you in, this may of been the time passed between the first time I heard this in June till now, but it's grown on me a little since them. Not bed, but not good either I find. But will it see a future with only the Next Track button being pushed? Time will only tell.


#9 - Jigsaw Falling Into Peices - After a slow peice, we bring up the tempo again, this time with an arpeggio of acoustic guitars! Not a solo number by any means, but a full band experience. Gone are the rocking overdriven guitars, replaced with similarly rocking, but not overdriven acoustic guitars and loud, but not too loud bass. Ed's chilling Ohhs make this song quite a number and fills perfect with Thom's vocals. In typical Radiohead fashion, synths and ambiant sounds are ahead for you. This piece would find a nice home following Amnesiac's "Knives Out."


#10 - Videotape - And it all comes down to this. The album closer, and it's a heartful one at that. Probably the best closer since OK Computer's "The Tourist" (Not saying the previous albums had bad closers, but this ranks near the top of excellent closers). Also by far one of my favorite songs off the album (and in Radiohead's extensive catologue). The calmness of Thom's voice, the beautiful piano riffs and the lone high bass - all playing to a harmony of one man's journey through life captured on videotape. What is said is probably one of the most memorable lines ever written by Thom. 'this is my way of sayin goodbye, bcoz i can't do it face to face coz im talkin' to you - whatever what happens now you should be afraid bcoz today is the greatest day i ve everseen'

If that doesn't hit you somewhere, well then, time you did a little soul searchin.


In The Grand Scheme of things - This is a great album by Radiohead. Catering everyone's tastes from nearly every era (Sorry Pablo Honey fanboys/girls). Now with the most bias as possible, this album is the best. Ever. Ha, actually I'll go more into it, maybe a track ranking by my tastes.



Faust Arp - Nothing against the song, it makes the album flow. Which is the only reason I see on the album.


Reckoner - Wonderful song, but severaly different from what I expected.


House of Cards - It's getting there.


Jigsaw Falling Into Place - I like the live version more because of it's overdriven sound.


15 Steps - How come I end up where I started~


Bodysnatches - UHH THE BENDS


Arrpeggi - I like Airbag, I like this. You like Airbag, you'll love this.




Number 3;

Nude - Alright, I love it, it nearly made me cry. It's awesome.

Number 2;

Videotape - The album closer is an excellent song, why is it ranked #2? Well, I miss it's great build found in the live version from last year.

Number 1;

All I Need - Ranked #1, only by a bit.



This is an excellent album, and best of all you can get it for free at www.inrainbows.com by regging up with W.A.S.T.E. However, if you don't fancy signing up, here is another link. Also before the police come running in (Gamecop). Radiohead has expressed their opinions on the distribution of the new album, go crazy. It's 160kps MP3s, DRM free and we can do whatever we want with it. Even if it's eventually released in stores on CD. You want to support Radiohead's cause? Sign up with W.A.S.T.E. and hit pre-order for the download only and put in how much you want. 1 pence is enough for their cause, and they know it. It's a great album that's worth my 10 something dollars.


Comments are welcome for this review :)


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