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College Life




So i moved in to my dorm room on saturday (it is monday today) and i am so bored. Classes havent started yet and it has been raining the entire time i have been here. I went over to Disobliges room yesterday as well...It is a freakin hotel room. It has airconditioning and free HBO. It is also alot nicer then my hell hole...no AC, hot and humid cause of the rain, and it is only supposed to get hotter.



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Hot and humid rain? I've never heard that one before. :blink:
Eh, happens in the tropics and the Midwest all the time. ;)
maybe saying that it is hot and humid because of all the rain we get at might/mornings, makes the rest of the day really humid...the good thing is that i am getting used to it now...but i still miss my Airconditioning...
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