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I've been working with this girl Kris (Christina) for a few months now, I've been talking with her on a daily basis and we get along pretty well. Honestly, she's not the most physically attractive girl I've ever seen (though she definitely has some attributes I like an awful lot :blink:), but she's got a very nice personality (which IMO is much more important).

Anyway, a few weeks ago she tells me that she had a dream with me in it (though apparently, it was non-sexual), and I just had a laugh about it. And a week ago she tells me that she's been thinking about me a lot (as in wanting me bad). Now, this is a problem for me because she's got a boyfriend. So I finally talk to her about it, and she pretty much tells me that she's over her bf and she wants to leave him. I tell her to talk to him about it, try to work it out (I'm that kind of guy; plus it makes me look good [you know, being the good guy]), and she has just stewed on it (thought about it) for a week.

Finally, this week she invites me to a concert, and, of course, I accept (even if I don't get with this girl, she's cool as hell and would be an awesome friend). So a few days go by (this is Monday that she invites me), and she tells me between then and the concert that she'd really like to kiss me. Now, I'm in a predicament at this point, because I'm honestly starting to like her too.

So she gives me her number and we meet at her friend's house down town so that we don't have to worry about parking. I got there at 7:00, and we sat on her friend's porch and had a few beers (Pabst Blue Ribbon, I think I love you). Then her friend got there and we got inside and smoked some pot (which is unusual for me, I'm pretty reserved and respectable). So finally we got to the concert at the State Theater (in Kalamazoo) to see Keller Williams. At this point I'm pretty stoned and a little buzzed from the beer (don't worry, we walked there). Anyway, we got inside and she's like, "want to get another beer?" So, of course, I got one and so did she (kinda pricey at $4 for a plastic cup full) and we went to the dance floor and started dancing. Every time her ass rubbed against me, I just about had a stroke :S

Finally, the show ended and we walked back to her friend's house, smoked a little more and chilled. Finally around 11:45, she got up and we walked out. She looked at me, I didn't know what to do, I wanted to kiss her really bad at this point, but she offered a hug, gave me a kiss on the cheek and made me give her one (I wasn't sure that'd be ok ^^), and we went our separate ways.

Now, I guess this is my problem, should I get involved with this girl? She's got a boyfriend, which I'm not ok with having to deal with, but she wants out of the relationship.


I guess here are some pros and cons of this girl


She's smart (has a bachelor's degree in sociology)

She's opinionated (I like that in a woman, weak women bother me :S)

She's fun (she's absolutely wild on the dance floor [i'd bet money she's like that in bed too])

She's funny (I'm constantly laughing when I'm with her)

She's confident (I love that)

She's older (24, I'm 22 (so like 1 and 3/4 diff). I don't think that's a big deal, though she is only a few months younger than my older sister)

She's interesting (she's been a lot of places and done a lot of really cool things)

She makes me smile (when I'm with her, I can't stop smiling. I seriously smiled for 5 hours straight yesterday [even when I wasn't stoned])

I find her very attractive (she's not hot by any means, but there are things about the way she looks that make me want to **** her like a horny little monkey.)

She's kind (she helps out people she doesn't even know and teaches an after school program)

She's a good friend (I saw the way she treats her friends; Now, I consider myself a good friend, but damn, she makes me seem like an asshole!)

She's a hippy (I adore hippy chicks for some reason)



She's got a bf (that she lives with atm)

She's smokes (pot and cigarettes)

She claims she's moody (which she seems to be a little, but so am I and so has every other woman I've been with)

She seems like she's going to be a lot of work (I think she may be worth it :S)



I donno if anyone will reply to this, but at least I've written down my thoughts, maybe it will help me get this all sorted in my head.


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I'd say you're lucky to have found someone you really like, and not in a superficial way. If you could deal with those first two cons, I'd say go for it full force. :blink:

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>> Is this why you don't dev any more? You discovered women...lol, yeah, that's it :PNah, the real answer is that I got a decent job and have a lot of free money to go out and do things (rather than sit my ass on the pc all day), also, getting that R4DS has eaten a lot of my time too. I do still dev a fair amount, it's just on projects that I haven't gotten around to finishing/releasing. Which reminds me...

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