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When are you ready to give up?



I've been asking this question almost everyday to myself when it comes to 1Emulation. So when am I ready to give up on this place? Should I ever give up? One thing is for sure, I don't want this site to turn into another Zophar or website with cobwebs all over the place. It's frustrating as a site admin to browse other websites that are just doing far better than you are. I guess that can be phrased "jealousy", but I really want to give this place one last boost. I don't know what I'll do if I can't get this place off its feet so it can start running laps by itself. It's almost as if there is a cancer in 1Emulation that is just eating it up while sucking all its life away.


Many of you are probably asking yourselves why I just don't appreciate what I have?

I do, very much so. But my dreams are far larger than this place will ever become.


Picture a guy banging his monitor to the wall a few times and pounding his fist on the desk.

Do you see anger or frustration? Add them up!


:: How would you boost 1Emulation's forum/site activity? ::


Either way, expect some serious changes to 1Emulation. I'm feeling like an evil scientist ready to "bust a rhyme".


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I can't wait to see that evil scientist side of yours. :)Our DS section makes me want to get a DS. *Insert "students never have enough money" claim here*

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