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Entry 4: Rush hour




I was thinking about how it was my senior year at high school (whoo), and thinking about how much stuff I still have to do before I set off to college. It's going to be strange not downloading anything during my whole time year (though I know I will slip and end up downloading some music), but that's what this last year is for. It's going to be fun hoarding games, anime, music for college. I think the ironic part is that I'm not going to use half of the stuff I hoarded, but who knows, maybe I can get some of that stuff out of the way.


Life is so carefree when you have not many responsibilities placed on you. It gives you a lot of time to think.

But that'll probably be next post when I get into that touchy feely stuff.


You know, I always wanted to end my posts with something, like other people do with a quote or a catch phrase, so I'll start doing something right now.


( '-')



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