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Tig3rj@hotmail.com about Neo-Geo Roms (Need Help)

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If you get this email that says it is from me please read below as I didn't send it. It is a user trying to make $$$ off Roms.

I didn't send the email The user forge my email into thinking I sent it. Please report the SPAM to the addresses below for the sake off the ass trying to make $$$ off Roms. You can get them free off News Groups and web sites if you look. Please do me the favor and reply the email with full headers to the email addresses you see below. You can also register free at www.spamcop.net and file through them easily if you like. Also the person that sent the SPAM is emuneo@free.fr Send him and email and tell him to flock OFF.

People like this into emualtion should be put into jail as they try to make $$$ off others work!!

Addresses to file..

Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)
To: postmaster@amen.fr (Notes)
To: abuse@amen.fr (Notes)

Re: emuneo.fag.fag (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam)
To: abuse@proxad.net (Notes)

Send an email back to them with full headers about the SPAM. With your help we all can get his site taken down for SPAMing fellow gamers.

Thank You



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Has anyone here gotten this email? If so.. post here. It must be the same email you registered here, if it isn't and you got the email with another email, don't reply. Since were trying to figure out with which message board he is getting the email's from. So far were pretty sure it's not this board, but please respond if so. :lol:



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I Got 3,The latest 1 Is About KOF2K3 ROM.The Spamme must have been an idoit :lol:

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