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MADrigalX v0.9 (new release)

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MADrigalX v0.9

by hcf




MADrigalX makes possible to play a lot of the "game and watch" handheld simulators developed by MADrigal... in your original Xbox! It is a standalone emulator based on the "game and watch" Libretro core and the work of Andre Leiradella.

Currently, 59 games are supported. You don't need to search for "roms", as the games are already included in the emulator. The main part of the games run very well, and only the 4-5 most demanding games are still a bit slow or unresponsive (Pacman, Wild Man Jump, DK 1 and 2).

Big thanks to Luca "MADrigal" Antignano for developing these awesome simulators and giving permission to make this possible; and also big thanks to Andre Leiradella (@leiradel) for his incredible work converting those simulators to Lua and creating the interpreter!



Each game has different controls, because each machine has different buttons. If you keep pressed the START button, you will see a help window with the key mapping for the game that you are playing to.

In a lot of games, the LEFT and RIGHT TRIGGERS are mapped to the "Game A" and "Game B" buttons. So, to start playing you should press the LEFT trigger (easy game) or the RIGHT trigger (difficult game). A few games have different controls though, and you can always see them pressing START.

Besides, if you press BACK you will toggle the ZOOM mode, making the screen larger. Please, be informed that zoom mode is experimental, it doesn't work in several games, and in other games it makes the emulation run slower. At the moment, only a few games can be played with Zoom enabled at full speed. This will be hopefully improved in the future, if there is interest in this feature.

If you simmultaneously press START+BACK, you will exit from the game.


known issues

* There are 4-5 games that have problems with the controls (they are somewhat unresponsive), like Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Multi Screen), Donkey Kong II (Nintendo, Multi Screen), or Pac Man (Tomytronic).

* The "zoom" functionality doesn't work in several games, and in other ones it makes the game run slower.

These issues will hopefull been fixed in later updates.




link(full romset included)

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