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Odamex 0.6.1 for xbox released.

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Odamex 0.6.1 by hyper eye.

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I am pleased to announce the release of Odamex 0.6.1. This release brings a number of changes and new features. Xbox players may notice the addition of a new announcer system complete with CTF announcer sounds which can be set to possessive or color-based. Xbox players can also see more information in the launcher than before with the addition of server lock icons as well as player spectator and team color icons.

Some Doom leagues are changing platforms to Odamex and we believe this is going to cause the number of active players and server activity to increase significantly. I hope Xbox players will join us!

Click the link below for a more detailed list of changes.


Odamex 0.6.1 (r3309)

Odamex 0.6.1 was released on July 4th, 2012.

General Odamex Changes:

General bug fixes and code optimizations.
Console optimizations. Includes a fix for aliases that contain parameters.
New co_blockmapfix variable that fixes hit-scan collision on actors that overlap more than one blockmap. This is useful due to vanilla Doom having a bug that had some shots appear to hit but do not do the damage they are intended to.
Added several ZDoom 1.23 actors, notably thing thrusters.
The vanilla disk loading icon now displays when the in-game cache is being updated.

Odamex Client Changes:

Renderer improvements.
Added the allowing of arbitrary window sizes, as well as fixed a bug for the maximized non-fullscreen windows being cut off the bottom.
A variety of spectator fixes and enhancements.
New voice announcer system.
Force enemy colors with r_forceenemycolor and color with r_enemycolor variables.
Force team colors with r_forceteamcolor and color with r_teamcolor variables.
Addition of turnspeeds command.
Associating .odd files with the Odamex client will now load Odamex and automatically play the demo.
Alt + F4 and closing the client via the window "X" no longer brings up the quit game prompt, it simple closes the client.

Odamex Server Changes:

Added sv_maxplayersperteam.
Addition of server lock, spectator, and team color icons in ag-odalaunch.

Odamex Launcher Changes:

You can now right-click a server in Odalaunch to get a server's IP.

thanks to hyper eye.

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