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MESS / MESSUI 0.146u2 released

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04888: [Documentation] (msx.c) cpc400, cpc400s: The year of manufacture should be corrected to 1988. (Wilbert Pol)

New System Drivers Supported:

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
- Homelab3 [Robbbert]
- Homelab4 [Robbbert]

Skeleton drivers:
- Brailab Plus [Robbbert]

System Driver Changes:
-vic20/c64: Added a slot interface for the control ports. [Curt Coder]

-ti99/tm990189: TM990/189 now using the new TMS9980A implementation; small mods in TI-99 systems. [Michael Zapf]

-Added a slot interface for the Atari 2600 controller ports, and a digital joystick device to accompany it. [Curt Coder]

-Ensoniq Mirage: Preliminary hookup of floppy format and WD1772 FDC [R. Belmont]

-Ensoniq: various documentation improvements for the 16-bit Ensoniqs including correct CPU speed and other details. [R. Belmont, Christian Brunschen]

-odyssey2: Fixed noise channel. [Justin Kerk, Kevtris]

-Various improvements of mc1502 driver [shattered]

-brailab4: screen and speech. [Robbbert]

-floppy improvements of mc1502 driver [shattered]

-fix for mikrosha cassette output [shattered]

-ec65 - added ascii keyboard [Robbbert]

-ti99: Joystick port now a dedicated slot device [Michael Zapf]

-ti99/990189: Added LOAD interrupt switch [Michael Zapf]

-mac: fix harddisks to work again [R. Belmont]

-geniusiq: Added German ROM. [PulkoMandy]

Software Lists:
-pico.xml: new US dumps added. [Team Europe]

-bbc*_cass.xml: added software lists for tapes and hooked them up to BBC Model A, B and BBC Master drivers. [Pernod]

-pv1000.xml: two new dumps added [anondumper]

-sf7000.xml: Added floppy software list. [Curt Coder]

-bbcm_cart.xml,electron_cart.xml: added cart list for BBC Master and Acorn Electron, not hooked up yet. [Pernod]

Source Changes:
-Re-implementation of TMS9980A for cycle-precise processing; changed tms9900.c to allow subclassing TMS9900 and TMS9980A from a common parent. [Michael Zapf]

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