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uBee512 5.4.0 released

- - - - - Microbee

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This emulates the Microbee family of computers.

Get it here -> http://www.microbee-...2/ubee512-5.4.0

An emulator for the Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD and HDD based microcomputers.

New for this release:
* Added Microbee Technology's p1024k/1024k (pplus) model emulation.
* Added SPEED output value to --tapfile-list option.
* Added DS8B (and D8B) Beeboard raw file format.
* Added patch to the patches directory. This contains the existing Microbee Dreamdisk and a rpctios.c patch.

* Added p1024k/1024k Premium Plus model entries to 'roms.alias.sample'.
* Added 'p1024k.dsk' to 'disks.alias.sample'.
* Changes made to --tapei-det option to take a percentage value to be used for high and low threshold levels with simulated hysteresis on the tape input of WAV files.
* Changes to 'remote' type to allow the new USB Floppyio external floppy interface to use full capabilities.
* Added 'hs350', 'hs525' Honeysoft and 'ds8b' and some other formats to libdskrc.sample.
* The Slax build has been removed from the distribution packages.

* Building could break because some C source files had used SDL and GL in the include paths, these have been removed, the include path is determined by the Makefile.
* Fixed remote 'serial' on Unix builds to allow serial to use full potential speed (LibDsk library fix).
* Fixed Floppy slowness problem on buffered LibDsk remote connections for 'hs350' and 'hs525' formats.
* Fixed a DS80 format remote floppy access issue.
* Fixed leading '/.' problem that caused code to crash in file specification.
* Fixed game disk file names in ubee512rc.sample to match MSPP image names.

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