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Xbermuda360 And Openbor360 v3 build 3688 Released for Xbox 360 Jtag/Rgh.

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2 New ports have been released for the 360 by A600.

Posted Image


OpenBOR360 v3.0 Build 3688 ported by A600

This is an OpenBOR port for the Xbox360, possible thanks to the hard work of the OpenBOR and Senile teams, the SDLx libs by lantus and the XBDM plugin by Natelx.

For more info about OpenBOR, check out http://www.lavalit.com


- The BGM player doesn't work so, for now, is disabled.
- Ogg music isn't played (works but doesn't sound right) so also is disabled.
The only workaround is to convert the .ogg files to .bor: Unpack the pak, convert the oggs to wav, then use wav2bor with those wavs, rename the final files to .ogg and repack the pak.
Anyway, only a few paks use ogg music.


Dpad -> Up/Down/Left/Right
A -> Button1
B -> Button2
X -> Button5
Y -> Button6
Left Trigger -> Button3
Right Trigger -> Button4
Back -> Escape
Start -> Start
Right Analog Thumb -> Screenshot

All controls can be remapped using the "Control Options" menu.


If you are using the 720p videomode, to get a correct aspect ratio for those
4:3 paks, select the menu "Video Options" - "Aspect Ratio" and set it to 4:3.

The xResizer.xex included allows to resize the screen for those with overscan problems.
It generates an xbox.cfg with these default settings:


Source code (sources.rar) included.

Posted Image


xBermuda360 0.1.4 ported by A600

This is a port for the Xbox360 of the Bermuda Syndrome interpreter done by Gregory Montoir (http://cyxdown.free.fr/bs/) and possible thanks the SDLx libs by lantus and the XBDM plugin by Natelx.

I have to say that this game is probably my favourite platformer of all times (far better IMHO than Another World or Flashback) and sadly it didn't get the recognition it deserved.

To make it work, you need to copy the BERMUDA folder from your Bermuda Syndrome CD. The music will play only if you convert the midis to 22 Khz stereo Vorbis .ogg files and copy them to the MUSIC folder. You can use this online converter: http://audio.online-.../convert-to-ogg for that.

This is the list of the midis needed:

midi\flyaway.mid --> track02.ogg
midi\jungle1.mid --> track03.ogg
midi\sadialog.mid --> track04.ogg
midi\caves.mid --> track05.ogg
midi\jungle2.mid --> track06.ogg
midi\darkcave.mid --> track07.ogg
midi\waterdiv.mid --> track08.ogg
midi\merian1.mid --> track09.ogg
midi\telquad.mid --> track10.ogg
midi\gameover.mid --> track11.ogg
midi\complete.mid --> track12.ogg

The xresizer.xex included, allows to resize the screen for those with overscan problems. It generates a xbox.cfg with this default settings:



Left Analog -> Up / Down / Left / Right
Dpad -> Up / Down / Left / Right
A -> Use Object / Select Option / Select Dialog Line
B -> Up
X -> Use Weapon
Y -> Inventory
Left Trigger -> Display Status Bar
Right Trigger -> Run / Holster Weapon / Hold
Left Shoulder -> Load Game State
Right Shoulder -> Save Game State
Right Analog Up -> Select Game State Slot #1
Right Analog Right -> Select Game State Slot #2
Right Analog Down -> Select Game State Slot #3
Right Analog Left -> Select Game State Slot #4
Right Analog Thumb -> Exit to Dashboard
Start -> Skip Dialog
Back -> Restart Game

Source code (sources.rar) included.

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