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MESS / MESSUI 0.145u5 released

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Due to the crash of the MESS Wiki and download page, it only has an offsite link of the source at this time.

MESS (source only) - http://mess.redump.net/downloads
MESSUI - http://messui.the-chronicles.org/



Skeleton drivers:
- Commodore 900 [Curt Coder]

System Driver Changes:
-c64: Added support for Kingsoft cartridges. [Curt Coder]
- Classical Games/Protovision 4 player joystick interface
- Digital Excess/Hitmen, Kingsoft, and Starbyte 4 player joystick interfaces
- Final Cartridge III
- XL 80 column cartridge
- geoCable Centronics cable
- SpeedDOS/Burst Nibbler 1541 parallel cable. SpeedDOS kernal replacement and FCopy III are somewhat working. E.g. "mess c64p -user bn1541 -flop fcopy3.d64"
- several Kernal replacements, and extended the parallel cable support to 1571.
-apollo: do bounds checking on Ethernet packets [Hans Ostermeyer]
-a7800: Added controller line pullup signals from the riot chip.
Fixes two-button behavior on asteroids etc. [Huygens]
-dc: Fix the maple hookup and controllers and add the missing maple irq [O. Galibert]

Software Lists:
-pv1000.xml : New Casio PV-1000 dump (anondumper)


  • Applied MESS updates
  • MESSUI - Added back the Samples folder to the Directories dropdown.
  • MESSUI - Pictures (snaps, titles, etc) per software title is now available.
  • MESSUI - Simplified background picture code. You will need to reselect your background after installation.
  • NEWUI - Reorganised code.

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