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FBNAext Beta1 for xbox 360

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On 4th Oct 2002, Lantus and TMaul coded and released the original FBA-X Beta 1 for the Xbox. Almost 8 years later the old team has reformed and in association with Logic Sunrise is proud to present FBANext - FB Alpha for the Xbox 360.

FB Alpha (formerly Final Burn(info) Alpha), based on the original Final Burn source code, is a multi-arcade emulator.
FBANext is a native port on the Xbox 360 Platform.

- Supports Capcom CPS-1 roms
- Supports Capcom CPS-2 roms
- Supports Capcom CPS-3 roms
- Supports Cave roms
- Supports Neo Geo roms
- Supports Sega System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board roms
- Supports Toaplan roms
- Supports Taito 68k roms
- Supports Psikyo 68EC020/SH2 roms
- Supports PGM roms
- Supports Konami roms
- Supports Sega Megadrive roms (savestates not supported)
- Support for other misc stuff the authors like.
- Full graphics/sound
- Supports up to 4 controllers
- 100% full speed emulation on most drivers.
- Savestate support.
- Clean and easy to use menu system.
- Support for almost 3000 roms.
- Previews/Titles
- Rom filtering
- 13 different software graphics filters
- 2 different hardware graphics filters
- Strech/Aspect mode settings
- Dip Switch Options
- Configurable Controller Options
- Multiplayers mode (1-4 players)
- Source code provided.
- Native 16/9 Mode support for SF3.2 (cps3)

- Code optimizations
- Better button config options (Macros/Presets etc)
- Driver fixes we missed this time around
- Rom Auditing
- Cheats
- Patches
- 68k CPU overclock option
- Better aspect ratio/full screen modes to fit different size screens
- Anything else we forgot.

- Savestates may be a little flaky.
- European region Genesis/Megadrive roms run poorly. For now run the USA/NTSC versions instead.
- Skin issues.

Official Site: http://www.logic-sunrise.com/



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this does look like a good release,but i dont have a jtag 360 unfortunately.

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