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Saturn emulator...

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    Your Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla!

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Plastering!?!? :D

Gosh I hate stucko and the paint smells, gives me a headache. :unsure:



    Emsley here. That's right.

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The picture of the building, you see how its all purple and smooth looks like theres no bricks?

Thats what a plasterer does.

Makes the walls in your house nice and smooth.

Its a skill really nothing else.



    Needs Sunlight

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I say we open up a SATURN section and start drawing all the saturn crew with stuff to share out from the bushes.

I got quite a bit of games and always lookin for more.......

lets do somethin here.



    Varnson | Pennypacker | Vandelay

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Yeah, open up a saturn section please! :punk:

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