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Golden Sun 2 help

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Ok so i finished Golden Sun a while ago, but I don't know how to do the whole password thing and carry all my items and Djin over. I never saw any password when i finished the game. I had found a password that some guy had, but when i put it in, it didn't work.

HELP!! how do i do it???



    RMŧT ]v[D

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Once you finish Golden Sun, on the main menu press and hold R + Left, then press and hold B, let go of B but still hold the others. Release all the buttons and you should see the option appear.

Be warned though that the gold password (all Djinn, all items, and your levels in GS2) is about 6 pages long :wink:


M y r e x $ d + f s

E 3 n H z 9 f z # T

8 7 W ? k D k n C U

Y e J V T x S X + v

Q ? u v 8 P S 5 S z

4 3 e & 8 p A u x 3

j W q m u W q 7 6 J

Q ? 2 T U U % s y n

u 3 w P + 9 U z U j

y u i 4 G J n v k Y

G p J r L t N w s 4

G q f d & Z A T E 2

j b 6 D 8 F a H c #

L f N g J C 6 p u &

z & Y s t X 2 D B 9

y T A & c % e = g 9

C j E m G p J r L v

u P w R y T ! V # d

Y % 2 = 4 B 6 D 8 H

G b J d L f N h Q z

k T n V q X s Z u 5

4 x 6 z 8 ? a & c M

+ f A h C j E m G r

q K s M u P w R y 9

U ? W & W ! $ L 4 m

C 7 E 9 G 9 y d C Z

Takes forever to type into your GBA :D

Still it is worth it to continue your game properly. The other option is to transfer your save with a link cable, so if you have a GBA owning friend then that is probably a better idea.




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Thanx DreamcastLover, as for the linking thing i'm using an emulator so ixnay on that one, i think i'll go with the password.

Thanx again!

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