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File Information

Previous Versions

  • 21 Aug 2013 Download higan x64 093
  • 31 Jul 2013 Download higan x64 092.10
  • 25 Jul 2013 Download higan x64 092

Download higan x64 094

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super nintendo snes nes nintendo

higan is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
  • Famicom
  • Super Famicom
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
higan also supports the following subsystems:
  • Super Game Boy
  • BS-X Satellaview
  • Sufami Turbo

What's New in Version 094 (See full changelog)

  • sfc: added SA-1 MDR support (fixes SD Gundam G-Next bug)
  • sfc: remove random/ and config/, merge to system/ with better randomization
  • gb: improved color emulation palette contrast
  • gbc: do not sort sprites by X-priority
  • gbc: allow transparency on BG priority pixels
  • gbc: VRAM DMA timing and register fixes
  • gbc: block invalid VRAM DMA transfer source and target addresses
  • gba: added LCD color emulation (without it, colors are grossly over-saturated)
  • gba: removed internal frame blending (use shaders to simulate motion blur if desired)
  • gba: added Game Boy Player support (adds joypad rumble support to supported games)
  • gba: SOUND_CTL_H is readable
  • gb/gbc: PPU renderer is now cycle-based (major accuracy improvement)
  • gb/gbc: OAM DMA runs in parallel with the CPU
  • gb/gbc: only HRAM can be accessed during OAM DMA
  • gb/gbc: fixed serialization of games with SRAM
  • gb/gbc: disallow up+down or left+right at the same time
  • gb/gbc: added weak hipass filter to remove DC bias
  • gb/gbc: STAT OAM+Hblank IRQs only trigger during active display
  • gb/gbc: fixed underflow in window clamping
  • gb/gbc/gba: audio mixes internally at 2MHz now instead of 4MHz (does not affect accuracy)
  • gb/gbc/gba: audio volume reduced for consistency with other systems
  • fc/sfc/gb/gbc/gba: cheat codes are now stored in universal, decrypted format
  • ethos: replaced file loader with a proper game library
  • ethos: added display emulation shader support
  • ethos: added color emulation option to video settings
  • ethos: program icon upgraded from 48x48 to 512x512
  • ethos: settings and tools windows now use tab frames (less wasted screen space)
  • ethos: default to optimal (video, audio, input) drivers instead of safest drivers
  • ethos: input mapping system completely rewritten to support hotplugging and unique device mappings
  • ruby: added fixes for OpenGL 3.2 on AMD graphics cards
  • ruby: quark shaders now support user settings inside of manifest
  • ruby: quark shaders can use integral textures (allows display emulation shaders to work with raw colors)
  • ruby: add joypad rumble support
  • ruby: XInput (Xbox 360) controllers now support hotplugging
  • ruby: added Linux udev joypad driver with hotplug support
  • phoenix: fixed a rare null pointer dereference issue on Windows
  • port: target -std=c++11 instead of -std=gnu++11 (do not rely on GNU C++ extensions)
  • port: added out-of-the-box compilation support for BSD/Clang 3.3+
  • port: applied a few Debian downstream patches
  • cheats: updated to mightymo's 2014-01-02 release; decrypted all Game Genie codes

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