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Fail Roll Session

Posted by Wizard , 19 January 2009 · 451 views

[23:59:14] <wizard_> fuck that was a fucked up D&D session
[23:59:28] <wizard_> we all nearly died trying to open a box again
[00:07:54] <Deej> haha
[00:08:23] <Deej> ahhh ill take the box the box! she wants the box, ok! whats in the box?!
[00:08:24] <wizard_> honest to god, I wish they'd fucking use like lockpicks or something then trying to use brute force
[00:08:25] <Deej> NOTHING
[00:08:29] <Deej> absolutely nothing!
[00:08:34] <Deej> STUPID!
[00:09:00] <wizard_> a few gold peices, a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of a painting of a picture and bottle caps
[00:09:57] <wizard_> the first box contained all their gear since they had to escape a prison
[00:10:18] <wizard_> they all try to karate chop it, some of them got splinter in their eyes
[00:10:32] <wizard_> another stomped it and got his foot stuck IN the treasure chest
[00:10:42] <wizard_> and he was bleeding
[00:10:49] <wizard_> from stomping his foot in it
[00:10:52] <wizard_> and lost 5 HP
[00:11:58] <wizard_> by the time they were out of the dungeon, they had suffered more damage trying to open the chest then fighting rats

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