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Linu is clumsy



Linu: I am Linu Lo'neral, an elven priestess of Sehaine Moonbow. I was hoping to meet you, but I figured I missed you while I was changing my clothes.

PC: Changing your clothes?

Linu: Oh, when I came in here a waitress spilled some drinks.

PC: She soaked your clothes?

Linu: Well... no. I bumped into her and when the drinks crashed down I leapt backwards into a dwarf, knocking over his ale and stew.

PC: So that messed you up?

Linu: Um, no, the food and drinks landed on the floor, but the dwarf crashed into a halforc, causing the knife he was eating with to slice open his cheek. That's when the brawl started.

PC: And you wrecked your outfit in the brawl?

Linu: I managed to stay out of the brawl, hiding under a table and feeling awfully guilty. When the fight was over I felt I should help clean up the mess.

PC: So you got dirty cleaning up?

Linu: No, I wore an apron and managed to stay pretty clean. Then I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and slipped in a mud puddle. So I had to go change.

PC: Why didn't you just tell me you slipped in a puddle from the start?

Linu: I... I didn't want you to think I was clumsy.


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